Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book 64: A Separate Peace and Book Stats.

Title: A Separate Peace
Author: John Knowles (1926-2001)

First Published: 1959
My Edition: Scribner (Seen at left)
Pages: 204

Other Works Include: Morning in Antibes (1962), Indian Summer (1966), The Paragon (1971), Spreading Fires (1974)

I read this for the first time a few summers ago. I think I was 19 or 20 and beginning to realize that I needed more classics in my life. That was a summer I was working at the other big park in my city and spent many shifts sitting in the booth selling permits, or wasting away in the concessions stand. Since I was spending so much time read at work, I had a rule that summer that for every 3 fun reads, I had to read 1 classic.

It worked out rather well, and I even got other employees to pick up some novels (I believe it was the same summer we started a book club and all the female employees read The Bell Jar). For me, it was a great way to read some classic literature on my own.

This novel, in particular, stood out from the rest that summer. I knew nothing about it going in, except that it was often taught in schools and was about boys. The rest was for me to discover, and I vividly remember reading it in the heat of the concession stand. I was absorbed in it and groaned inwardly whenever someone came to buy something.

It has been a few years since then, but I am hoping it packs the same punch. I thought about it for days afterwards when I first read it. Let's see if a second read feels the same.

*I should note that this is a backlogged review.*


  1. I read this in middle school and have to admit I was pretty peeved about the impossible swimming scene. I was a competitive swimmer and it seemed as if the author did no research on the subject beforehand. It colored the whole novel for me. I went back to try to reread it as an adult a few years ago and still really didn't like it...

  2. I have never read this, but I'd like to give it a trye sometime.

  3. I wanted to read this, but heard it was terrible. So I didn't include it on my 250 List. I'm curious about your thoughts...

    Oh, I see you decided to read The Awakening! Curious about that, too! :-)

  4. I have this waiting for me to get to it. I've heard mixed reviews which is probably why I haven't picked it up yet.

  5. I read this a couple of years ago, but it didn't really stick in my mind. Looking forward to hear (read?) what you think. :)

  6. I read this in high school and loved it. Although I don't have any recollection of the "impossible swimming scene" that Amanda mentions (possibly since I was never a competitive swimmer?) and honestly I don't remember to much else about it, other than the tree scene.