Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rebecca Readalong Sign-ups:

I am pleased to announce that in January 2011 I will be hosting a readalong of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. I have heard only wonderful things about this novel, so I am extremely excited to begin reading.

I hope you will consider joining in on the fun and get a wonderful classic read at the beginning of new year (we all need some classic love in our lives).

This will be my first experience with Du Maurier, but I know she is a favorite with some of my favorite book bloggers. And as her most popular novel, I only have high expectations for this wonderful little book.

If you are considering joining in, here is a little synopsis of the novel taken from

"Sixty years after REBECCA was first published, Daphne du Maurier's unsurpassed masterpiece continues to enthrall readers with romance and suspense, as the second Mrs. de Winter narrates the haunting events surrounding her marriage to Maxim de Winter and her growing obsession with his first wife, the beautiful, now dead Rebecca."

This sounds like a great read for January and a way to dive into something thrilling and wonderful when all I want to do is huddle under blankets in the cold.

I am reading from a mass market paperback edition (the one with the red satiny background). My edition is 380 pages, which isn't too bad for a readalong! I am planning the page requirements based on my edition. If yours is different, you can adjust as needed.

There will be two times to post on the following days:
  • January 14-17, 2011: This post will focus on the first half of the book (roughly 190 pages, or chapters 1-15)
  • January 28-31 2011: This post will focus on the second half of the book (roughly 190 pages or chapters 16-27)
Since I am hosting 2 other readalongs in January (War and Peace and The Woman in White), I am making your posting dates a little spread out. I will do my very best to have my post up with my thoughts and observations on the first day.

If you decide to participate, here is what you need to do. First, you need to comment here letting me know that you want in. I will put your name below with a link to your blog so we can all come cheer you on. When it comes time to post, all you need to do is comment on my main post with a link to your own thoughts about the novel. I'll add links to the bottom of my page so other participants can visit your blog and comment.

I don't require participants to read everyone's thoughts, but it is more fun to visit and comment as much as possible.

I do ask that if possible you post a link on your blog somewhere promoting the readalong. I always say that the more participants, the better.

And everyone who succeeds in finishing the novel and makes their posts is eligible for a small prize, furnished by me.

So, if you are interested, comment below and let me know! I hope to see you joining! :)

Laura C.
Katy F.
Linda (no blog link)
My Mom (no blog link)


  1. I'm signing up for this one too. I already have Rebecca and I've been meaning to read it for ages.

  2. I have this one coming to me via PBS. Can't wait. :))

  3. I am interested. This is on my TBR shelf for 2011.

  4. I'm in and looking forward to it! Like you, I've only heard good things about this one and have been meaning to get round to it for a long time. Roll on January 1st!!

  5. I am in. I am really excited about this one! I will be reading from the same edition as you.

  6. You are hosting 3 read-alongs in Jan! Man you're ambitious. I've read both Rebecca and The Woman in White, so I'll be sure to join in the conversation. Good luck!

  7. I'll join in. I bought a copy in September and wanted to read it since but of course never got round to it.
    Thanks for hosting this.

  8. Gosh! That is a LOT of work! Good luck with it..I love the idea and i am eagerly looking forward to it..
    I am in! Here is a link to the post on my blog..

  9. Sign me up for this please. I have been meaning to read Rebecca for ages.

  10. Sign me up! I'm reading Rebecca right now.

  11. I'd also like to sign up. I do not have a blog yet, but am working on one for some other read-alongs.

    Linda Wilkins

  12. Allie, I'm in, but of course I have no blog-I will just send you a little snippet.

    Love, Mom

  13. I'm bummed that I just happened across this read-along today! This is a novel I had planned to read this year (and that's saying something since I'm not much of a classics reader). I would have loved to join, but since I would have needed to plan on having the first half read by the 12/17th, there's just no way I can get it done.