Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Very Casual Readathon Update Post *X 5*

I figured I might as well keep track of what I am doing in regards to reading this weekend here on the blog. I wasn't going to, since it would go against the idea of this being super casual, but I figured it would hold me more accountable knowing you all are reading it. :)

Friday Evening, 8 PM:

It is currently 8pm on Friday night and I haven't "started" yet. I intended to a few hours ago, but I got distracted by my DVR (Big Bang Theory and Project Accessory from last night), as well as cleaning, cats, and new books coming in the mail. Plus just general slacking and internet browsing. Oh, and a nap. Yeah, I'm super productive.

But I have EXACTLY 100 pages left in The Portrait of a Lady, and if I start right after I hit publish, I will finish in an hour or two, right for when Matt comes home from work. That's the plan, and I'm going to do it!

How are you all doing so far? Have you started? Want to join? Just want to cheer me on and taunt me? Feel free. :)

Saturday Morning, 10:30 AM:

I slept in a little longer this morning than I had planned, but I also stayed up a little later talking to Matt. We worked a bit of an opposite schedule yesterday (I subbed during the day and right when I got home he had to leave for work), and that really isn't all that unusual. I don't see him for great lengths of time during the week, especially when I am teaching.

He ended up getting home when I was only 30 pages from the end of The Portrait of a Lady, which irked me! I just wanted to finish! After watching some TV together, I retreated to bed and finished it. *sigh* It was such an amazing book. I'm still wrapping my head around the ending. I also started Sense and Sensibility, but only managed 25 pages or so before crashing around 1 am.

Before I dive back into Austen this morning, I need to finish going through my closet. When I realized I wouldn't be teaching full time, I knew it would give me the opportunity to get some things taken care of around here. Last week I culled and organized books, this week it is my clothes!

How is everyone doing this wonderful Saturday morning? Are you getting your read on? :)

Saturday Afternoon, 3:30 PM:

It is about 3:30 here in Michigan. And guess how much I have read since my last update? if you guessed nothing, you're pretty darn close. :) I just cracked open Sense and Sensibility again a few minutes ago, but I figured a post would be good before I lose myself in Austen.

I spent my morning and early afternoon taking care of a couple things-I pulled the rest of the clothes I want to donate and bagged them up. I also made a quick run to the grocery store for a few things to get us through until our next pay day. We were missing some staples, so I picked up as much as I could. I also ran into a student from last year and her mom, so I spent a good twenty minutes chatting by the dairy section. :) It was good to see her!

Now I am home, with some cinnamon bread baking in the oven, a nice big glass of icy Diet Coke beside me, and The Juliana Theory singing at me from the speakers. I'm ready to read some Austen! I won't check in again until I hit the 150 page mark, so I hope everyone else is getting some reading done as well!

Saturday Night, 9:00 PM:

Well, I am close to 150 (I'm at 134, which is the end of the first volume) and it is time for a little update. I took a break for dinner and a movie (The Holiday-it was on TV and I rather enjoy it), so not as much progress (I do want to mention that I did start back over from the beginning. Some details were hazy from last night-134ish pages isn't bad for an afternoon!).

Matt walked in right as I finished volume 1. He is going out with the guys tonight, so I will be able to get back to Austen. I'm enjoying my read of Sense and Sensibility. It was one of the first classics I picked up on my own. I believe I was in college and determined that to better educate myself, I should be reading these titles. So for every 3 "fun" books, I had to read a classic. This title, as well as Austen's other books, Edith Wharton's novels, and George Eliot's, were some of my favorites back then. But I don't remember this story all that clearly. This read is a good rediscovery of something I once read in a different place in my life.

I've been trying to decide, as I read, whether I am more of a Marianne or an Elinor. I bet that if I tested, I would pop up as Elinor. She seems a little more my style-concerned with propriety and the like, but I do like to think I have a bit of Marianne's spunk and passion. We'll see if that changes as I continue my read.

Off to read Volume 2. If I don't post again tonight, plan on hearing from me early in the morning.

How are my fellow readers doing? Have you finished anything? ARE YOU BEING PRODUCTIVE? :)

Sunday, 4:50 PM:

I didn't update this post this morning since I did my usual weekly post. I did finish Sense and Sensibility this afternoon! WOOHOO! It had been a while since reading it, so I was really excited about finishing it. I also have a copy of the film, which I've never seen, but I am saving it to watch with the Advent with Austen crew next Sunday, rather than putting it on RIGHT NOW like I want to. :)

I am going to make dinner for myself and the hubby (we're having pasta with meatballs and spinach salad if you're curious) before settling in with Paradiso.

How are you all doing?


  1. Good luck with your readathon! Don't think I have ever read "Portrait of a Lady", but I probably should....

  2. I got about 100 pages read in Farmer Boy. I haven't enjoyed it as the first two Little House books though. Another 100 pages should be the end of it. One more book marked off from the TBR pile.

  3. He ha - I also got distracted. Starting now till I get sleepy! :-D

  4. I'm having my own little unofficial readathon today - a Shakespeare Historical Plays readathon. I really want to finish the complete works in next few weeks, so come January I can pick my favourites and write something decent for your Shakespeare month. I'm unlikely to finish off the history plays, as I have Henry V, the three Henry VI and Richard III to go, but I live in hope! :)

  5. I'm glad you accomplished one of your reading goals. I laughed a little when you said Matt interrupted- someone always does when one wants some quality reading time. I slept in longer than I intended to as well, I'm just now curling up with my book. Here's to hoping I can finish it too.

  6. I'm doing okay so far. I'm halfway through with the ARC I'm reading. I'll probably celebrate once I'm finished. ;-)

  7. Ah! The Juliana Theory! *Searches frantically for my copy of "Emotion Is Dead"*

  8. You can do it! I've just finished a book and feeling great.

  9. I'm almost finished with my latest book, The Conference of the Birds by Peter Sis. Next up is The World More Full of Weeping.

  10. I finished the Laura Ingalls Wilder book. I think I'll tackle a retelling of Theseus now.

  11. I finished Dash & Lily's Book of Dares! Will read at least one letter from Clarissa today and hopefully start a new book from my TBR pile. I'm not sure what to pick, but am thinking of a Dorothy Sayers mystery.

  12. Yum cinnamon bread. Reminds me that I forgot to make spice cake today. Put on list for tomorrow.