Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up for March 24, 2013: Sick and Plans..

I don't like having silence on the blog, especially when I have so many things to talk about. I know I can't control my body or the symptoms of my Lupus, but I still get mad when I can't find the time to blog. And it has been that way for a few months!

I also feel bad that I have pretty much abandoned the event I am hosting this month. I had big plans for my reading...and that has fallen away. School has been crazy busy recently, so I'll throw that excuse out there one more time. ;) But now that some of the craziness is going away, and my Lupus symptoms (like the sore inflamed joints) are disappearing, I've been saddled with a cold. Drat!

Anyway, school winds up on Wednesday in preparation for our Spring Break. We're lucky this year to have over a week off of school. In addition to reading a great deal, I'm also making plans to catch up on the HUGE backlist of posts I have in draft form. I'm thinking I'll get cracking early and schedule everything out until I am caught up and up to date. :)

I hope you can all excuse my absence. I'm still trying to find the balance between work, family, hobbies, and my health. It has been a rough road, but I am getting there. I miss blogging and the amount of joy it brought me...and I know some of that joy now comes from other places-like teaching. But I miss it and want it back. Please just continue to bear with me.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Just a head's up that I'll continue to be a little absent on the blogging front. I'm in the midst of a flare-up and typing has been a little painful for my hands. Hopefully it'll die down soon so I'll be able to talk about all the wonderful books I've been reading.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Modern March Link-Up Post!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the link-up post for "A Modern March!"

The goal for this event is to read some great Modernist literature (not contemporary lit-there is a difference!). I'm hoping we can all learn a great deal about this movement and the writers who published in this time period.

Starting today, read those Modernist pieces you selected. Once you write a post related to the event, make sure to come back here and link them up using the Mister Linky below. Just remember that this isn't a race and the goal isn't to read the most books-just to enjoy your reading!

I also want to encourage you to come back often to see others' posts and cheer them on. And, if you are on twitter, use the #amodernmarch hashtag to talk about the event.

Good luck and remember to link those posts!

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