Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diana Wynne Jones: 1934-2011.

I was shocked this morning to see tweets discussing the death of the wonderful and inspiring Diana Wynne Jones. After looking around the internet, it looks as if the rumors are true and the literary world has a lost a great talent.

I read my first book by Jones when I was a high schooler. Her titles jumped at me off the shelf, and I quickly read my way through a number of her fantasy novels, loving each and every one of them. She had a talent for making her stories inventive, fun, and heart-warming. I loved every one of them. I even featured Howl's Moving Castle here on the blog as a Thursday Treat (a feature I have since put on hold).

I am sad to know that someone who I loved so much when I was younger is gone. I am sad that I won't get to read new works by her, since she had plans for two more novels before her death. Instead, I can reread some of her novels from my childhood, find copies of the ones that are out of print, and savor the few novels by her I haven't managed to read yet. I will remember all the things she taught me through her writing.

And one day, I'll pass on her books to my own children-so they can be as inspired as I am. That is the great thing about literature. Even though the writer is gone, their presence lives on in their worlds. And I am aim to keep rediscovering them.


  1. Oh, that's sad to hear. I only discovered her works a few years ago after watching Howl's Moving Castle. I read the three Howl books and loved them all, and would like to read more of her stories. It's sad to realize she had more planned that she wouldn't get to finish.

  2. I'm sad to admit that I've actualy never read anything by her.

  3. I, too, hadn't heard of or read anything by this author - I'm not even sure what genre she fits into. I do understand the sense of loss, though - I was distraught when Vonnegut passed away, and felt truly changed after Salinger's death. It's hard to fall in love with an author's work, to make it a part of your life and self, and then to realize that there will be no more to come.

  4. So sad. I still don't think it has sunk in yet. :( I'm glad I haven't read all of her books yet - I have been rationing them out.

    What I regret in a way that I didn't read more of her books when was younger - which was when I discovered her. The stupid library only had two of her books so it wasn't really until I could use Amazon/Abebooks etc to get hold of her books.

    However, she does have a new book coming out - and her publisher I think is going to publish a collection of her articles, letters and talks... but her new book Earwig and the Witch is coming out this summer (in the UK).

  5. It makes me sad, though I'm not surprised because I remember reading last year during the DWJ reading week that she was seriously ill. It is heartbreaking when an author whose works you love passes away. I'm sad to hear that such an amazing writer's life was cut short. She sounds like a fascinating woman.

  6. That's really sad. I just bought one of her books last month. :(