Monday, July 1, 2013

The Odyssey Readalong Master Post and Launch.

 It's hard to believe that it is July 1st already, and the beginning of our readalong of Homer's The Odyssey. I pulled my (rather battered) copy off my shelf last night and flipped through it. It brought back many memories, and a surge of excitement as we begin our venture through Homer's masterpiece.

I'm not lying when I say that The Odyssey is one of my favorite pieces of classic literature. There is something about the language and emotion of the story that grabs me every time. I love the perseverance of Odysseus, the hopeful nature of Telemachus, and Athena's quest to right the wrongs of the gods. It is a story deep with history and culture, but it is one that inspires me whenever I read a passage.

While only a few bloggers have officially agreed to join me on our little readalong, I'm hoping that as go along, more will be inspired to join in. This readalong is meant to be stress-free. This post will stand for the duration of the readalong and will be a place for us to link our posts as we read. I don't expect that everyone else will post multiple times, but I'm planning on posting as I finish each of the 24 books that comprise The Odyssey. I hope that my posts will serve as guidelines for those of you who are tackling it for the first time. And since this formed the basis for my very first English class in college (we spent 10 weeks of the semester reading, analyzing, and learning about it), I do have more than a little knowledge. But my main goal is to be inspired to reembark on my own literary odyssey, since I have pretty much abandoned it.

Anyway, I will be reading the Robert Fagles edition, which is my favorite of the 5 editions I've read (and own-obsessive, yes). I find it to be the more poetic form and lends itself easily to being read aloud. Since The Odyssey was originally intended to be performed by bards, it seems fitting to read a version that aligns with that feeling. And I will admit that I will often read passages aloud to myself. :)

The only guidelines for the readalong is that you finish by August 31. Make sure to post by then. I think I'll give out a prize to someone who finishes by then, so if you need a bit of extrinsic motivation, there you go. ;) The Mister Linky is below for any of your posts on The Odyssey. Feel free to post away.

Good luck!

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  1. I'm also reading the Fagles edition (which is the best, let's be real) and my copy, also, is rather battered! If I had any extra money at the moment, I would buy a new copy... but I'll survive.

    Let's do this!

  2. hi Allie! i wasn't aware that you were having an Odyssey read along till now. i must have missed an earlier post. anyway, what a coincidence! i am reading Odyssey right now (Ian Johnston translation). i'd love to participate but i won't make any promises. we'll see! :)

  3. I have only one version and that's by Allen Mandelbaum. I can't complain about it since I haven't anything else to compare it to. :)

  4. Wonder if I can find my copy? I'll have to check the shelves.

  5. I've only just realised that the thirty year old copy of the Odyssey that I have on my shelf (and read during my school years) is a PROSE translation!

    This simply wont do.

    If I'm going to join in I must source a verse translation and do this thing properly :-)

    Thanks for the tip about Fagle...I'll see what I can this space!

  6. Only just seen this - is it too late to join in?

  7. I'm hoping I'll finish Collins' The Moonstone today so I can start fresh with The Odyssey. Looking forward to your posts, Allie.

  8. I'm reading a public domain version that say doesn't anything about the translator. Looking at some of the translations everyone is reading, I'm very tempted to ditch this and try another one. The difference in style and method seems to be significant.

  9. Wow, this sounds like a fun idea! I read through the entire Odyssey for one of my college classes this year. I have so many other books that I want to read this summer, so I don't think I'll be joining in for this read-along.

    Even though I won't be reading the Odyssey, I might still have a few posts about the Odyssey on my blog. Would you mind if I linked to them here, even if I'm not doing the read-along?

    1. Not my show, but I think the Mister Linky should be reserved for those participating in the read-along... maybe you could post something in the comments, though?