Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book 2: Pretty Girl with Big Book.

I like going to the library to read. It’s a different environment from being at home or a coffee shop. The people there are usually so absorbed in what they’re doing that you can feel free to get your own work done without being interrupted.

Personally, I think that the Rochester Hills Public Library is one of the nicest I’ve been in. They offer great programs for teens and the staff has always been super helpful whenever I have had to do research in the past.

And they also have some super comfortable couches and chairs that I like to curl up in. Comfort is important while reading, otherwise its just torture.

So, I went to the library today to do some reading away from home. After dealing with the crowded portion of the comfy couches, I saw that my favorite reading spot had been vacated. I packed up my things and journeyed over to my favorite couch. It’s located right by the mystery, romance, and science fiction sections and it’s not in a heavily trafficked area. There are a couple of study corrals nearby, but it’s pretty isolated.

I curled up with my copy of Crime and Punishment and started reading. After about a half hour I noticed an older Indian man walking in the romance section. I thought it was odd but brushed it off. Then he peered around the corner and stared at me before turning around and walking away.

Again, I thought it was really odd and returned to C and P. Then, he popped out again and gestured to my book.

“You read a big book!”

I nodded and showed him the title.

“I’m sorry. I no want to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, its okay,” and I smiled.

“It just unusual-to see pretty girl with such big book!” He gestured widely and I looked down at my copy of C and P and blushed. It’s not THAT big.

“Oh…well….” Awkward!

“You enjoy you big book! I go now.” And he turned and left.

The library never ceases to amaze me.


  1. This made me laugh :)
    But at least you got a little more amusement when reading your book.

  2. Allie, I stopped in here because I wanted to have a glance at the way you used to structure your posts. (Feeling inspired!) Anyway, I was reading a few & had to tell you how funny this is. :)