Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up for June 12, 2011: The Week Ahead.

I have ONE WEEK left. And then I am done. The finish line is here people! I can see it!

I know that I am going to be incredibly busy this week, so I'm going to assume that other than the read-a-longs posts I have scheduled for this week, I won't be around. In addition to the finals I will be grading this week, I also have a pile of projects only partially graded as well. I will be back in FULL FORCE next week, and since I have three glorious days off (the last time I had that much time off was the first week of April), I will be having a mini-readathon/blogathon. I have quite a few things that need to go up.

There is also a lot of outside stress going on. One friend in a nearby district was pink-slipped, along with a whole slew in many other districts (for anyone who doesn't know, getting a pink-slip means that you don't have a job for the next year, but you can be called back-if a position opens up and you can fill it, the district WILL call you back). A person I graduated with from MSU was told this week that his contract wasn't being renewed for next year. And there is a lot of switching and moving around going on in my current district. It is all chaos.

I am trying to find my way in the middle of it, and keep from panicking. My confidence is still high, but with how things look in Michigan, it will be a miracle if I even get an interview this summer. The atmosphere in the education world is as dismal as ever and things are the worst I've seen them (last year there were MANY jobs posted at this time that I was eligible for, so far this year I have been eligible for 2-in the entire state).

Please keep your fingers crossed, say some prayers, and hope that something turns up.

In reading news, I managed to get through some of Vanity Fair this week, as well as more of The Idiot. I also went through and made a huge stack of books to read over the weekend and during my little readathon next week. I can't wait to have some free time!

If you missed any posts this week, here they are:
Have a great reading week!!


  1. Oh, a readathon! I might have to self-impose one. (I can't do the one for this weekend. I have plans.)

    So disheartening to hear of the troubles teachers have, in maintaining work. The last thing we need is fewer teachers. Sending best wishes on that.

    (I still LOVE Vanity Fair, but I am way behind in reading...)

    Have a great week, Allie!

  2. I feel your pain. The San Antonio Library has just started hiring librarians again after a hiring freeze of almost two years. I had an interview but they had more than 100 applicants for nine jobs! I'm still crossing my fingers though. Good luck and you know we're all pulling for you.

    And congratulations on having only a week of craziness with your two jobs! I hope you have time to relax a little soon.

  3. Oh, I hate to hear that about teachers. It doesn't seem to be much of a good time for anything right now, but hopefully things will pick up--I just heard today that 20% of employers expect to hire in the next 3 months, which is better than it's been for a while. Good luck with getting through this one last week of crazy! A readathon sounds really tempting, but I have absolutely no time to do much reading at the moment.