Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Classics Club.

I'm excited to announce my participation in The Classics Club.

You might think I'm crazy-that this is another challenge. And while I might be crazy, and yes, this is another challenge of sorts, it fits in perfectly with my current and long-term goals.

The basic premise of the club is to bring together Classics Bloggers-as well as inspiring others to add a few classics to their book diet.

Each blogger can create their own goal for reading, as well as a timeline for accomplishing the goal.

Since switching over to reading primarily classics in September 2009, I have come to love this new focus in reading. I am always inspired by what I am reading, and I am curious to see what else is out there I haven't read yet. Because of that, I will always be reading the classics. While I do think I will allow myself to read more things outside of my classics focus once I finish my 250 list, I always want to be pursuing literature.

With that in mind, I created a Classics Club Page for my blog to explain my goal and list the books I want to get to. I am not setting a timeline for myself because that's just too much pressure. Rather, I am seeing my involvement in this project as a lifetime desire and commitment. So, on the page, you'll see a very, very long list of books. 450 of them to be exact. They include the 114 titles I have yet to finish from my own 250 project, as well as many new titles and rereads. And before anyone asks, I will be working on those 114 before I tackle the rest.

Anyway, I hope you'll visit the new page and see what books I'm going to be reading in my future. I also hope you'll consider signing up. You can decide to read 10 classics in 5 years! You can do it! :)

Let me know if you're participating!


  1. I am, but it's going to take me a while to produce the post. Big events are going on around here! (Not to me though--I'm just the support staff. :D)

  2. Your list is impressive! I'll be participating, but I'm still mulling over the classics I want to add to my list. I'll be starting with the ones that I own but are still unread. Narrowing down from there will be tricky.

  3. I'm participating! (Ha!)

    I commented on your main page, but I also want to say - "YAY for all those Wharton titles!" Summer is one that keeps calling me.

  4. I'm participating - it's perfect, I wouldn't miss it!

  5. It's great to see classics becoming a priority in the reading lives of tons of bloggers. I'm off to check out your list now, and I'm actually still putting together my own, mostly books from my TBR pile and ones I can easily download from Project Gutenberg.

    Btw, I just tagged you: :)

  6. 450? Well, you weren't kidding when you said there were a lot of classics you wanted to read :D I'm off to check out your list, I'll definitely steal a few titles for my own.

  7. I just recently started blogging the classics so I'm really grateful to Jillian for introducing me to some wonderful blogs.

  8. I just posted my list today. I love this idea!