Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up for December 16, 2012:.

This week has been dominated by things outside of my control. And these things have been tampering with my emotions to the point where I have cried a bit too much. Today I am trying to focus on moving forward into the last week of school and stressed before a much needed 2 week break.

I feel like I need to mention what happened on Friday, and how much it moved me. As a teacher, a human being, my heart broke on Friday for the families of the teachers and children at that school. I cannot fathom why someone would take out their anger on innocent just goes beyond any words imaginable. And, as a teacher, I looked at my own students a bit differently Friday. They are older than the kids who lost their lives, but in many ways, they still have that same innocence. They haven't lived their lives yet. It gets me...and it just hurts.

And with all of that lingering on my mind, it seems silly to write about anything else, so I will leave it there this week. I doubt I will post anything this week, since I need to get through these last five days. But look for a flurry of posts and books read once break gets here. :)


  1. I am counting the days until the 2 week break too. I am in Britain where we aren't allowed guns, but Friday's news effected me too. Like you, I will look at my class a bit differently tomorrow.

  2. You are not alone. The Australians are all upset by it too. Our prime minister became draconian and the govt did a gun buy back after our mass killing here in Tasmania. It has not happened again. Being an American-Australian I understand both sides. But for now that debate can wait. Our thoughts are with those in Connecticut. Pam