Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Authors on my Auto-Buy List.

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!

It has been quite some time since I've participated in a top ten tuesday post, but I just couldn't pass this one up.

Since I generally only talk about classics here, it may seem odd that I continually purchase new releases. There are a number of authors that I purchase on a regular basis, even though I haven't read their work in years (eek). It drives my husband batty, and I'm sure it doesn't make all that much sense, but I know that one day, in the right moment, I will return to my loves. :) So, without further delay, the authors I buy from on a regular basis.
  1. J.K. Rowling: This one is really a no-brainer. I own all of her work, including A Casual Vacancy. While I haven't gotten to that newest release just yet, I will in time. 
  2. Robin McKinley: I own all of McKinley's works, and I purchase her books when they come out (the most recent being Pegasus, which I have reviewed at some point on the blog). I love McKinley. Her books are usually fairy tale retellings or original fantasy.
  3. Orson Scott Card: While I really despise Card as a person, I still have a soft spot for his work. Inevitably, his books find a way into my hands and back home with me.
  4. John Green: I first discovered Green a number of years ago when a somewhat battered copy of Looking for Alaska found its way into my hands at the bookstore. Since then, I have sought out and purchased all of his books shortly after publication.
  5. Rick Riordan: While I haven't read all the Riordan I own (The Kane Chronicles come to mind), I will continue to purchase his books as they are published. I love his writing and the "fun" element of his stories!
  6. Markus Zusak: I'm not sure if Zusak really counts, since his last book, The Book Thief, was published way back in 2005 (when I bought it and read it). But when he does publish his new book, I will be the first one to run to the store to buy it.
  7. Jennifer Donnelly: This is another new writer to me, but after reading two of her books, A Northern Light and most recently, Revolution, she is a writer that I will return to on a regular basis, especially with the publication of new titles!
  8. Brandon Sanderson: Sanderson is relatively new to me, but I know he is a writer I will be exploring more of in the future, especially since I have enjoyed his work thus far. He is most definitely a writer I will automatically buy!
  9. Neil Gaiman: I've been collecting Gaiman titles since I was in high school, and I doubt I'll stop, even though I haven't read anything by him in a long time! I always grab his new books off the shelf when they come out, and they sit waiting on my shelves.
  10. John Flanagan: Flanagan is the author of one of my biggest guilty-pleasure series, The Ranger's Apprentice. He has since moved on to a parallel series, which I have also purchased and loved. I will continue to purchase his new books as they debut!
There you have it. What authors do you automatically buy?


  1. Great list! I too love J.K. Rowling and Markus Zusak; in addition, I have (almost) all of Barbara Kingsolver's works and Juliet Marillier's (fantastic fantasy writer). I have never read the Ranger's Apprentice series but they are so popular at the library I work at that I know I must add them to my list!

  2. Gaiman, Zusak and Green all made my list as well! Both Gaiman and Zusak are suppose to have new books coming out this year and I will be first in line.

  3. I have very few authors I will automatically buy, but the short list does include Brandon Sanderson! :D

  4. Great list! Barbara Kingsolver and Emma Donohue came to mind for me -- also Maggie O'Farrell, Nick Hornby and TC Boyle. I need to read some of Zusak's other books, and I also mean to read more Gaiman. I really like most of the authors you mention, except I haven't read Flanagan or Donnelly. I'll have to check them out.

  5. I'm with you on Rowling, Riordan, and (unfortunately) Card. I do wait to buy Card in second-hand shops, though, as I refuse to purchase anything that would result in his earning royalties. Unfortunately, I won't be able to avoid this when seeing the Ender's Game movie... beh.

    The Kane Chronicles are great! I love that they're about Egyptian mythology as opposed to Roman/Greek, as there's, for me, so much more to learn!

  6. You've reminded me that I need to try a Robin McKinley book - I've heard so many good things about them!

  7. I'd love to hear what you think of A Casual Vacancy once you get to reading it -- the opinions are just so mixed!

    This is the first time I've heard a peep about A Northern Light around the blogs -- I actually picked it up at a used bookstore and kind of forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder and nice to see it get a positive nod!

  8. I do the same thing, Allie. I keep buying books by authors I love, either new or at library sales, even though it may be some time before I get to them. A love is a love. =O)

    I also have Rowling on my list!

  9. I love Neil Gaiman. I have a bit of a crush on him. ;)

  10. Du Maurier and Carlos Ruiz Zafon are mine :)

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