Saturday, April 9, 2016

"I Have Been" April 2016.

We're not going to talk about the fact that I haven't posted since early January. In short-work has been insane, I feel into a huge reading slump (didn't pick up a book, other than those I taught, for three months), and I went through a bit of deep depression. I'm starting to feel like myself and while this next month is going to be insane, I really need to start setting aside some time for myself. Here's a baby step.

This is a little questionaire I like to do from time to time. :) Enjoy!

I have been:

Comments on essays. We're about a month away from the AP U.S. History test, so I need to make sure my kids are prepared and ready for the test...which includes a lot of essays. This means I'm writing quite a bit trying to help them out. 

I just finished White Walls by Judy Batalion the other night. It was an interesting memoir about hoarding, mother-daughter relationships, and how much our parents influence our personalities-great read. I did pull Ruta Sepetys' Salt to the Sea off the shelf last night, but haven't started it yet (probably tonight).
I'm still a huge Spotify fan. My current favorite playlist is Women of Pop, but I also mix it up with some others. 
We just watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night (with our BB-8), but I've returned to my DVDs of I Love Lucy as background noise while I grade. We also watch a few episodes of either Bob's Burgers or Archer before bed every night. I've also got quite a few shows queued up for the summer. :) 
At all my piles of grading. And my kitties, who have loved having me home this week on Spring Break. :) Our apartment also needs to be cleaned a bit, but I'm probably going to put that off until tomorrow. 
It has been a couple of years since I taught the last portion of U.S. History (In a mid-year shuffle last school year, my section of APUSH was taken away), so I'm relearning some of that content. It's made for a lot more prepwork the last couple of months!
Better than I was earlier this morning. I had a headache last night, and while I took some excedrin before bed, I woke up at 3 with an all out migraine. It has finally gone away a bit (still have a headache). Truthfully, I haven't had a migraine that extreme in a LONG time, so it has me a little uneasy. I hope I don't get another one!
Getting through the rest of April and early May. Not only is the AP test coming up, I also have my evaluation to get through, and the next two stages of my National Board Certification. I have a portfolio to put together and a content test to schedule and take. But if I can get through the next month, that's a lot of stress off my shoulders. :)
For a better work/home balance. It's still something I struggle with. :/
My makeup obsession. Ha! I've always loved makeup, but over the last 2-3 years, it's become a very big creative outlet (as my blogging has gone down??). It's just something I enjoy and playing around with color and methods has been fun. :)


  1. I'm glad you took the time to write a blog post. I know you're super busy but it's nice to hear how you're doing!

  2. I think this time of year is just as difficult for teachers as it is for the kids. I understand your concerns about the APUSH exam. My son is taking it this year (along with three others), and I ask him every weekend if he has started to study. I will be just as happy when those tests are behind us as you are.

    I hope the rest of your school year is uneventful, successful, and goes by quickly.

    Have a good one!