Sunday, January 28, 2018

Weekly Wrap-up: New Semester, House Talk, #24in48 Readathon

Well, that week flew by! It was exam week at school, so I spent it in a grading fog as I tried to get everything done so I could enjoy this weekend. So while exams were done at 10:45 Thursday morning, I didn't leave work until close to 5 so I could get essays done and entered. I was the second to last car to leave, but I was loving it on Friday when all I needed to do was prep for this coming week and enter the multiple choice exams my kids took.

The new semester starts on Monday, and I'm excited for a "fresh" start. 4 of my 5 classes are yearlong classes, so I'm keeping a lot of the same kids. The only new class I'll have is a new section of Shakespeare. APUSH will be kicking into high gear now that we're on the other side of the semester (their test is May 11th), so that will take a lot of work on my end to keep them motivated. We're also trying some new things with my low-level juniors to continue building their reading and writing scores, so I'm hopeful we'll have a good semester.

We decided to go with a navy-aren't they pretty?
The house is still coming along with the kitchen not completed. *sigh*

All the cabinets are painted (finally) and most of the doors and hardware are on. We still need to paint the walls, put on the countertops, install the new sink and faucet, and get all the appliances into place. I think when Matt gets home he's going to keep working on it. I was hoping I'd be able to cook tonight, but that's going to be a no-go. Hopefully by the middle of the week?

I'm getting really sick of pre-packaged food and microwavable meals. And take-out. We've been living like that for about 4 weeks and I can tell that it's having a toll on my body. I feel sluggish and bloated and just want some vegetables! It's hard, especially without a sink, to function and eat healthy. Soon! I hope!

This weekend I wanted to relax after a stressful month so I am loosely participating in the #24in48 Readathon. My goal was to read for about 12 hours this weekend, and I will definitely hit that today! I finished up East of Eden yesterday (review coming Tuesday) and flew through all of One of Us is Lying (review on Friday). Both were great reads.

Next up is American Street by Ibi Zoboi, which I have been hearing nothing but good things about. It looks to be a slim, quick read, so assuming I finish it, I'm going to start Where Angels Fear to Tread by Forster.

So really, it was a fabulous reading week!

Tell me how your week was!


  1. I love the color of those cabinets. Awesome choice. Did you paint the outside of your house orange, yet? :D

    So glad you liked East of Eden. I saw the 5 stars on Goodreads - yeah!

  2. Man four weeks is a long time to be without a kitchen! I hope you can start cooking and then feeling better soon!

  3. The cabinets look fantastic! I'm gearing up to paint mine (again) and sort of dreading it since I have so many. But seeing yours gives me inspiration!

    East of Eden is one of my favorite books ever, but it's been years since I read it. I should pick it up again. Have a great week!