Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cranford Read-Along Sign-ups.

I am happy to announce that in June I will be hosting a Cranford read-along, as voted on by my readers!

If you unsure if Cranford is the book for you, here is the synopsis taken from

"A gently comic picture of life in an English country town in the mid-nineteenth century, Cranford describes the small adventures of Miss Matty and Miss Deborah, two middle- aged spinster sisters striving to live with dignity in reduced circumstances. Rich with humor and filled with vividly memorable characters—including the dignified Lady Glenmire and the duplicitous showman Signor Brunoni—Cranford is a portrait of kindness, compassion, and hope. "

If you are interested, you can leave a comment here and I will link you to the post to show that your are participating. I would also appreciate it if you could spread the word on your own blogs so that we can get more participants. I have found that the more participants in a read-along, the more fun it is!

Since Cranford is a relatively short book, I decided to have two days for posting. There are 16 chapters, so a post on chapters 1-8 can be made on June 15th (a Tuesday). I will have a post up with my own thoughts. You can write your post and I will link to everyone's reviews here on my blog.

The second and final posting can be done on June 30th (a Wednesday). Again, I will have a post up and will link to everyone's reviews so that you may go and visit other people's blogs to see their own thoughts as well!

Again, leave a comment here saying you are interested and I will add you to the participant list.

I hope you will join us!

My mom (I think I will have her post on my blog as well, since she doesn't have her own blog). :)
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  1. I am almost done with chapter 12 so I don't know if I should participate in the read along although I am interested. I am hoping to finish the book this weekend. I am enjoying Cranford although some parts of it did drag for me. I have the DVD waiting for me at the library to watch after I finish the book.

  2. I just finished reading this yesterday and I loved it! I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts.

  3. Count me in! I read North and South by Gaskell and adored it. I will link this in my weekly update
    :-) and tweet it as well.

  4. Count with me too! Yei, the first post will be 3 days after my 19 b-day! Awesome! I can't wait to read it n_n

  5. I'll join in on this, it might be time for a cosy read!

  6. Okay Allie, I will go ahead and join in on this book also. Can't believe I'm going to do both of your read alongs, first time in doing any read along at all, but looking forward to it. Love, Mom

  7. I will join for the Cranford read-along. I read the first bit of it in my British Lit class a couple of months ago, and have been meaning to read the rest of it since.

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. I'm in. I've been wanting to read this for awhile. Thanks for hosting!

  9. I have been wanting to read something by Elizabeth Gaskell for a while. I'm in!

  10. I enjoyed reading this, even more so in retrospect. It's so short, though, I can't imagine stretching it out over two weeks. It's more of a week long read, I'd think.

  11. Sounds great! Add me in. I'll post it to my blog. (queen bee)

  12. I'd like to participate. I recently read North and South and loved it!

  13. Forgot to say I'm joining up to and have put a post about it on my blog

  14. I've been reading about the friendship between Charlotte Bronte & Elizabeth Gaskell and had planned to read Cranford so I may as well join in the readalong too.

    I'll mention it in my Sunday blog post.

  15. Please add me to the list as well. I loved the movie, so I've had the novel on deck for a while!

  16. This is great timing for me: I'm working my way through ALL of Gaskell, almost chronologically, and I'm near the end of Ruth. I will gladly participate in the Cranford read-along! Thank you!

  17. I would like to join in also. I've never read Gaskell so I'm looking forward to reading it!

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  19. I would love to join!

  20. I've had this is my TBR pile for a while, so I suppose now is a good a time as any to finally read it! Sign me up!

  21. Opps, forgot to say I was in.