Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap up for September 26, 2010: Not Much of Anything.

To be quite frank, I am in a big reading slump. I have completed a grand total of ONE book this month, and while I hope to finish more, I doubt it.

I'm STILL reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte and it looks like these last 140 pages are going to be my nemesis. It is not that I don't like it, I just find it hard to read in large amounts.

I also still have the massive Bleak House sitting on my nightstand and waiting for me.

I have goals of course. I want to finish Villette before the end of the month, as well as one other smallish novel that I am eying, but I am not going to sweat it. I have had quite a bit on my mind recently and I don't need to pressure myself. :)

Anyway, Matt and I are beginning to look for a new place to live. I am not thrilled with where we are. Matt's car has been broken into twice since living here. I personally don't feel like this is the best area for us. And, we just got some new neighbors who are pushing my buttons. On Friday night, they cranked up the worst accordion music in the world and had a fiesta of epic proportions. I asked them to turn it down, which they ignored, so I took matters into my own hands and pulled out the trumpet (I play in a community band). Needless to say, after hitting some high notes for 20 minutes, they got the point and turned the music off.

So, we are looking for a new place. We're trying to find something the same size, which is difficult. But we have a few options, and we're even looking at houses instead of just apartment complexes. I am sure that this is a process that will take up a great deal of time.

I hope to be back in a reading mood soon, but I still have posts for you. :) Happy Reading everyone!


  1. I LOVE your trick with the trumpet!! That's awesome! Good luck finding a new place.

  2. LMAO! Oh, to hear you on the trumpet teaching your neighbors a lesson. That. Is. Awesome!

  3. I know it is no consolation, but I love that you got out your trumpet. Some may have just cranked up the stereo, but your response was much more creative.

  4. Good luck on finding a new place to live. Sounds like it would be a good thing to move away from where you are now!

  5. I'm in the same spot--a huge slump. I ADORE that you played the trumpet to get back at them. Awesome, awesome story!

  6. Oh, I hope you can get over your slump. You may need to read something frivolous or something. Love the trumpet solution. That will teach them!

  7. Amanda: Yeah, its a nice little trick to pull out. Its the first time I've done that and it was awesome. :)

    Michelle: :) They didn't think it was too awesome...

    Jillian: These people are crazy, I swear. My husband is convinced that 20 people are living in the apartment...

    Thomas: Thank you. :)

    Iris: We've been poking around and have narrowed it down to 2 options, so hopefully it works out. We're stuck here until the end of November with our lease, but we will probably move in somewhere else in the middle of Nov. if possible.

    Andi: I hate slumps. Hate them.

    Rebecca: Yeah, I might pick up something a little lighter just to get over my slump. I think a trashy novel might do the trick. :)