Saturday, April 9, 2011

Read-A-Thon Update #3. (with kittenz)

Oh HAI all!

I know I was just here updating with my mid-event survey, but I'm back because I FINALLY finished Mary Barton. WHOOO!

Now it is time to move on to something else and since I have been talking about it non-stop , I am definitely picking up Their Eyes Were Watching God. I'm not sure how far I will get into it, since at some point I am going to need a nap before picking up the hosting gig at the main site at 4am. Right now I am feeling pretty awake. We'll see how it goes.

I am also waiting for the husband to come home with food because I am HUNGRY. We are lacking in the dinner ingredient department and since I was supposed to be at a family party tonight, I was okay with that. But with the pneumonia diagnosis and such, I stayed home. Therefore, no tasty dinner. *sigh* Oh well, he should be home soon.

How is everything going with you guys? I am trying to comment as much as I can, but I am no good at that cheerleading. I am not good with rhymes so all I seem to be saying is "Good job. Happy reading." <--- LAME.

Anyway, the two pictures are of two of my reading buddies. The little gray one is the baby, Lily (named after Lily Bart from The House of Mirth) and the black kitteh is Sparty (short for Spartacus-my college mascot was a Spartan). Lily does that little "Oh, look how cute I am" move all the time and I find it irresistible. And Sparty? He's cuddling with my copy of Jane Eyre in the picture and on the world's ugliest couch-it used to be my grandmother's (taken a few days ago). Cute.

The other kitteh is a big grouch and I didn't want you all to become grumpy on me, so she gets no picture.

I hope you are all making great progress reading! Let me know how it is going!


  1. I'm not participating in the readathon (schoolwork!) but I had to comment after seeing the kitties! Oh I miss mine so much-he does the same thing as Lily but he generally ignores my books unlike Sparty. So cute!

  2. Your kitties are adorable. My youngest cat (who is no longer a kitten) does that oh look how cute I am pose all the time ... it doesn't work as well on a grown cat :P. Have a great time reading Their Eyes Were Watching God it's a really good book. Happy Reading!

  3. Oh what sweet sweet kitties. This is my first readathon without Maggie (we had to put her down in December--kidney failure) and it's been tough. Miss my reading buddy!

    Good luck tonight--wish I could be up while you host but I fear I'd make myself sick.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Your kitties are too sweet. Until a year ago I had a little gray can named Lily too. I miss her. The Huz and I had to order pizza because we were also short on food. Congrats on finishing Mary Barton!

  5. Cute kitties! I don't have any little reading buddies, but you make me wish I did.

    Keep it up! You're awesome.

  6. I love your reading buddies! They're adorable.

  7. Adorable kittens! There was some chatter on Twitter a bit ago that many cats seemed to have gone nutty during the read-a-thon with massive demands for attention. That's what my cat was doing, not being adorable :)

    Happy reading for the rest of the night!

  8. Pneumonia?? Holy crap, Allie! I hope you've gotten lots of rest in prep for the late-night shift!

  9. I am doing great; if I had been reading straight through, I think I would have made it. I went out for a few hours and that helped a lot with continuing on.

  10. Aww, I have two kitties that love when I sit down on the couch to read because they know that I'm going to be there for awhile as soon as I pick up a book!