Monday, June 11, 2012

Upcoming Reading Events.

I have two reading events to talk about-mainly to let you know that I'm participating, and you should too!

(I know you would think that given the Victorian extravaganza I have enough going on, but I don't).

First up is an event taking place this Saturday-Bloomsday.

Bloomsday takes place on the 16th of June every year, and is essentially a celebration of the day in which James Joyce's Ulysses is based. This Saturday a crazy group, including yours truly, is going to try and tackle reading Joyce's ramblings in 24 hours.

I KNOW, right?

But I think it should be fun, and during my one failed attempt at tackling Ulysses, I was mad that I didn't just power through. This will give me the opportunity to do so.

If you want to join in, go and check O's post for all the details. There is also a linky there so you can sign up for the insanity. And, if you just want to read part of Ulysses, or something else by Joyce to celebrate that day, you can do that too. ;)

The second big event is the announcement of the group read for the second book in the Mistborn trilogy. I joined in on the read for the first book a little late, but I flew through the book in no time. I have been anxious to find out what happens next, so I can't even tell you how happy I am to have this on deck!

What other reading events are going on that I should know about? You know me, I'm always looking for the next big challenge! :)


  1. I am going to very slowly walk away from the James Joyce part of this post and hope that Jason doesn't see it and decided to read Ulysses a third (or fourth?) time next weekend... :D


    Hrm… what a lovely idea, Amanda… ;)

    Just yesterday I was thinking how fun it would be to cook a kidney for breakfast on Saturday.

    1. Darn!! Allie, your blog is apparently too enticing if you can get Jason to read it and reply earlier than a week after a post is posted... ;P

  3. Oooooh - I am signing up for that Joyce madness, what fun!!

  4. Oooooh - I am signing up for that Joyce madness, what fun!!

  5. Okay, Allie - this makes me a little angry. To think that it's possible to physically read Ulysses in 24-hours is crazy but, even if it IS done, what about comprehension? It's one of the most difficult books in the English language... what in the world do people expect to get out of it, if it's just skimmed/blazed through in one day?

    I might go on a rant... but I'll take that to my own blog. Just know I'm very GRRR about this idea!

    (A read-along of Ulysses in general, though, would be great - because it's one I tried and failed at, too).

  6. Wow! I could not imagine reading Ulysses in only a 24-hour period. If I had read it once before, I would jump in. I may start it with the group though. Best of luck and enjoy!

  7. Girl you are cray-cray. :) But I love hearing about all of your endeavors. Keep it up. And continue posting about these great little readalongs.

  8. I shudder at the thought of Ulysses. ;) But maybe I'll just read Molly's soliloquy. That's all I really wanted to get to anyway but too bad for me it was at the end and I only made it to part/chapter 4. ;)

  9. I might--big might--pick up Ulysses from the library and try just a teeny bit on the 16th. But there's no way I'm even attempting the whole thing right now! Good luck with it!

  10. I can't believe anyone could read Ulysses in 24 hours!! I recently finished it (FINALLY) and it took me 7 months to finish. Yes, 7 months. Of course, I did have things like a full time job, husband and two small children keeping me busy and not giving me much time to read. And read lots of other things in the meantime. But that book is HARD to understand. I can't wait to see how it goes! Love your blog by the way. :)