Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR.

I figured a late post today would be better than none, and since a top ten requires minimal brainwork, I figured I could squeeze it in (I say that because I am sick).

Anyway, I love these top tens for the season, so I always make it a point to participate in these lists! I find it to be a great motivator as I move through the seasons to have something to refer to. :)

Without further ado, the books I am hoping to read this fall.

  1. The remaining Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling: I am participating in Jenna's readalong that goes through December 15. I've already read the two school titles, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and the first two titles. I am also about 100 pages from the end in Prisoner of Azkaban...so this little challenge is going well. :) I actually think I'll finish the series by the end of September!
  2. Clarissa by Samuel Richardson: I started this back in April during a failed readalong with Adam and Jillian, and I set it aside for a few months. I've been craving getting back into it, so I think I might make it a goal to finish it by the end of the year.
  3. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: This is one that I should be reading for a readalong, but I haven't even started it yet! With the movie coming out, I really want to make time for it. 
  4. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien: Yet another title I want to read before the movie comes out! I haven't read this in ages, and it is one of the titles I've been "saving" for a while. 
  5. The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf: I really want to get back into some Woolf titles, and since I have a few left on my 250 list, I should probably get on that. I started this one last spring and I keep meaning to return to it!
  6. Mythology by Edith Hamilton: Technically, I have to finish this since I am using it as a book for my mythology class, but since we are using only some portions of it, I've skipped around quite a bit. I really want to finish it, so I'll be setting aside some time to do that.
  7. The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton: I've been sinking into a lot of comfort reads recently, and while I wouldn't really classify this book as "comforting," I really want to reread it. I just love it and it has been so long since I've read it...well, I want to read it. :)
  8. Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan: I think this would be a great read during the fall months, and since I am reading a lot of Puritan selections with my sophomores this fall, this would be an interesting read for me on the side. 
  9. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins: I purposely saved this one for the fall months since the mystery aspect would be great for the RIP Challenge (which I haven't officially signed up for yet). I loved The Woman in White, so I have high hopes. 
  10. Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon: This is another Victorian I wanted to save for the fall. Jillian and I have been talking about reading it together and have plans for a little buddy review at the end of October. :) It should be a good time!
What are you planning on reading this fall?


  1. The Voyage Out is one of my favourite Woolfs. Intrigued by Mythology by Wharton.... I shall look into that. And Moonstone is on my TBR pile. I need to sort out my October readalongs for The Classic Club, I'm signed up to do an event and Moonstone will get a mention! I must do this this evening :)

  2. You're doing really well with Jenna's HP readalong challenge! I just finished my re-read of HP and the Philosopher's Stone. I love reading Harry Potter (esp. the earlier ones) in between more "serious" books. Someone on Twitter mentioned yesterday that The Hobbit was going to be released in three parts just like Lord of the Rings. I'm sure it was a joke, it just reminded me of how much I disliked reading The Hobbit. Way too many dwarf names!

  3. Impressive list Allie! Harry Potter will come in hand when you need a break :)

  4. I want to read House of Mirth. I read The Age of Innocence ages ago and it was a favorite, but when asked what my favorite classic was, I honestly couldn't say because it has been too long ago to say why I loved it at the time. Great list - I have book envy.

  5. Keep us posted on Puritan texts!

  6. I really want to read The Voyage Out since re-reading Mrs Dalloway. TVO is where Clarissa Dalloway makes her first appearance. Should be very interesting.

  7. Les Miserables is one of my favorite books of all-time. It's way up there with War and Peace and The Grapes of Wrath (which I'm about to start re-reading, actually). I really hope you find time for Les Mis... it's an incredibly experience.

    1. Adam, I think you're one of the reasons why I love Les Mis. I started reading it in January, and after the first chapter I hated it and said as much on Twitter. You tweeted me saying it was awesome, I made an extra big effort with it, and quickly fell into it. One of my favouite books now as well :)

  8. A solid list. I read Les Mis last year. It made me SO ANGRY that I hadn't read it years ago! It's just brilliant.

    House of Mirth and Age of Innocence are total comfort reads for me too.

  9. The Moonstone is EXCELLENT, and it's also an excellent RIP read. I actually think it's slightly better storywise than The Woman in White, but the characters are slightly less engaging (than MARIAN, but, you know, who isn't?!) Hope you enjoy all your reads anyway, and feel better soon!

  10. I totally want to read The Moonstone, and reread Woman in White. I'm sorry you are sick! I also got sick on the first day of the semester this year. Too early!

  11. I, also, really would love to read Les Mis before the movie version comes out (which I hope is better than the last movie version), but it's a daunting read so I'll have to play that by ear. I hope you can! And a The Hobbit reread before December is a must. :) Great list! I enjoyed Lady Audley's Secret, The House of Mirth, and Mythology.

  12. I'm trying to get The Hobbit reread before the movie too--so far I'm about three chapters in. I've been saving The Woman in White for RIP this year, but Moonstone would be a good choice too. All this talk of Harry Potter is proving very tempting, though....


  13. Great idea about The Hobbit, which I haven't read since I was about 12. (Never did get around to reading LOTR). I know what you mean about The House of Mirth -- I started rereading Ethan Frome at work the other day, ostensibly because it's a potential choice for our book group -- which I get to choose -- but really because it's just wonderfully written.

    I really loved Lady Audley's Secret. It's a fun, fast read. But I've never read Les Miserables! It's so huge, it frightens me.

  14. Hmmmm whats on my TBR this fall?
    Mark Twain:Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
    Paradise Lost
    Old Man and the Sea
    Les Miserables ( due to te movie coming out)
    Eat, Pray, Love
    What Alice Forgot

    Just to name a few...