Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I Have Been" 2

I did this cute little meme way back in September, and I decided it was time to update. :) Enjoy!

I have been:

Lesson plans! Actually, I've been really trying to work ahead of where I am now so I can finish my semester strong and launch into content I've done before (as a long-term sub). I'm also figuring out a unit plan for Maus, which I am teaching to my U.S. History kids next semester! I am way over the moon about this!

I have definitely been on a big YA kick. I told Matt that I felt like I was "catching up" on all the titles everyone else has been reading in the last couple of years while I've been focusing on the classics. I am definitely enjoying my little excursions into YA, but I know that in another month or two, I'm going to want something more substantial. I'm already trying to decide what Austen to read in December...I think it might be Northanger Abbey, since I have read it in a very long time!
Matt got me hooked on Mumford and Sons, so that has been on repeat for the last week or two as I grade. :)
I've been really hooked on The Walking Dead (can't wait for the episode on Sunday), as well as The Big Band Theory. I've also been watching some other shows when I catch them-Project Runway, Top Chef...I just don't have tons of TV watching time recently. And reruns are always a better choice when I'm grading.
I have another tab open to Goodreads...I guess I'm looking at what to read next?
I'm doing a lot of side research into some other aspects of WWII to make that a really amazing unit at the beginning of the semester. I know that there are a lot of kids who get really into the war units, so I'm trying to find some fun activities to help them learn the material. I think activities and other things are great alternatives to the days when I lecture. 

I'm also trying to find some more resources for teaching this graphic novel. Anyone done that before?
Quite achy. My joints are hurting something fierce today!

But emotionally-really good. Things have been going well at school-finally found that balance I needed!
Christmas break! ;)

I know the kids are excited for break as well! Two whole weeks!
For a good meal. I've been scrounging around the last week trying to empty our pantry a bit...I really just want someone to make me something delicious. :)
My husband, my kitties, and the fish that entertain everyone.


  1. thanks for sharing Allie! i haven't updated mine as well and i think it was also last September when i posted one.

  2. I am so hooked on The Walking Dead. I love that show and it has been so good this season! I'm also still really excited that you're going to be teaching Maus.

  3. I meant to do one of these when you posted it before, and yet somehow never got round to it... Maybe this time! Glad to hear that you've found a good work balance too :)

  4. Love this... I'm going to try to find time to do it this weekend. And I LOVE The Big Bang Theory! My partner bought me a Sheldon t-shirt with the quote, "I Cry Because Other People Are Stupid. That Makes Me Sad." LOL And I have a Sheldon bobble-head doll, too. weeeee!

  5. Allie, this is so weird - 2 minutes ago I had never heard of Mumford and Sons, and an advert came on TV just now saying "They're back and better than before!" or something, and I said to my boyfriend, "Well I've never heard of 'em!", and now, 2 minutes later, I see another reference to them!

  6. As far as Maus, one of my professors assigned it in an English class I took, and she used portions of Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" as readings to help us get more out of it. Don't know if that's helpful for you, but it helped me a lot.

  7. I also love YA and The Walking Dead. Now we have to wait until February!!

  8. I know this is kinda late, but have you looked into incorporating WWII propaganda posters into your unit? There are some really cool images out there, and great possibilities for discussion topics.