Monday, February 10, 2014

Classics Club Spin Number!

So, the number was picked this morning and it looks like I'm reading Native Son by Richard Wright! I'm excited that some of the "less appetizing" options were skipped over in favor of this title. What book will you be reading?


  1. I found Native Son to be a really engrossing, fast read for its length, though the subject matter was sort of depressing. I'm glad to have read it, though.

    I got He Knew He Was Right by Anthony Trollope, which I've owned forever but at 864 pages it's the longest of the books on my spin list, by more than 100 pages! I'd better get to work.

  2. Native Son is an excellent book. I absolutely loved it. Says so much about so many things. I'll be surprised if you don't like it. Such a classic. I'm reading CS Forester's The Happy Return. Really a different type of book for me but part of my vintage Penguin collection.

  3. My no. 20 is The Odyssey!! I'm hoping to finally finish the book I started with you last July :-/

    Good luck with the Native Son.

  4. 20 was definitely a lucky number this time! I'm reading No Name by Wilkie Collins and I'm very excited to get stuck in. Enjoy your pick.