Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up for September 25, 2011: A Rough Spot.

I haven't had the best week. In fact, I have had a pretty crappy September so far. I mean, I am currently battling illness number 2 for the month (a cold; last week it was strep), and I am in a big reading slump...but more on that in a bit.

I was also hit with two pieces of sad news this week. Late last Sunday night, I found out that an old friend from high school passed away suddenly. We went back all the way to fourth grade, and while I hadn't seen him in awhile, we kept in touch on Facebook. It was a sudden and out of the blue death, and one that caught me totally by surprise.

Then I found out that a former student of mine committed suicide. I had this student way back in my very first job out of college. The school called me the day before school started and asked if I was interested in a long-term job. It was a great experience and this was a student I was very familiar with. I was really shocked to hear about it...and shaken.

So, this has not been a week filled with a lot of happiness, but I am soldiering through anyway. I can grieve, but I can't let it get in the way of living my own life.

Not that much has been going on...

Like I said, I am in a big slump. I feel lousy, and while I am really enjoying Moby-Dick, I have been reading it for nearly a month. And I made no progress this week (I literally didn't even open it). And on Wednesday, I have no more drafted posts waiting to be put up. I will be completely caught up, with nothing to write about because I have read nothing this month. I don't even feel that guilty about it....just annoyed because no new posts will go up.

Oh well.

I might shift gears over to something lighter this week-a fast, quick read to get me through the slump. I think that a good, condensed story might motivate me to finish Melville's epic and move on to the four big reading commitments I have coming up (the 2 group reads I am hosting, my Classics Circuit titles, and the group read for Hawthorne). I am sure something will fall by the wayside (Hawthorne most likely), but we'll see. You'll just see less posts from me in the next week or two, until I figure out a way to get myself out of this slump.

I suppose that's all for this week. I hope that next Sunday I am back with something a little more inspiring...wish me luck.

Happy Reading.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, and I'm sorry for all the losses you had this past week. September is almost over and I'm sure October will be much better- there's Halloween and Readathon to look forward to! Wishing you much luck for a better week!

  2. That is sad news. Here's hoping for a better October!

  3. Very sad news. I lost a close friend back in February and it still hurts. But you will get through it and be happy again, so keep your head up.

    I recommend short stories to get you through the reading slump. Personally I'm more of a classics short story type which you can find for free online.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the losses you've had to deal with lately.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and that the coming weeks/month are much better.

  5. I'm so sorry for the losses, Allie. Sending love.

  6. My very best wishes to you, and hope that you're feeling better very soon. Hang in there, and I hope that you can find a decent measure of solace and comfort in family, friends, and in your reading. With each passing day, the sun rises anew and each of us gets the opportunity to see and experience things just a little differently. Cheers! Chris

  7. :( Sorry for the lousy September. Here's to a better October.

  8. Oh, goodness, Allie, I'm so sorry to hear your week has been so sad. Virtual *hugs* and I hope things get better from here on out.

  9. Much love to you dear. Nothing I can say you haven't already heard or thought, but love, that's a bit different from everyone, I hope.

  10. *Monster hugs* I hope this week is better for you!

  11. Sorry to hear about your bad news, that's awful, especially about the student. And I understand about the reading slump -- sometimes I feel overwhelmed by I all the books I want to read, and I can't focus on any of them. It doesn't hurt to read something completely different just for fun. Novellas or short stories are good, since they make me feel like I've accomplished something. Sometimes I think that all my to-read lists and book groups and blogging are turning reading into a work instead of something fun.

  12. so sorry to hear about the awful news!

    If you run out of finished books to write about, just do more "in progress" posts. I'd love to hear how Moby Dick is going, when you do get a chance to pick it up again.