Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up for October 17, 2010: The Great Toe Debacle.

Back in September I dropped a landscaping brick on my right "big" toe. I didn't do it on purpose, obviously, but now I almost wish I had for a better excuse. A week after I hurt it, my toe started to throb and um...not look so good. I was sent to city hall (I work for a city park as a seasonal park ranger right now) and they sent me to the local hospital's occupational medical center. The doctor (Dr. #1) took an x-ray, then gave me some antibiotics and sent me home, only to return two days later.

When I returned, I saw Dr. #2, who told me I needed to keep a bandaid with ointment on it at all times. No matter what. So I did.

A few days later, I returned and Dr. #1 told me my toe was on its way towards healing. I was to finish my antibiotics and keep the toe wrapped with ointment until it healed. That was on September 27th.

Over last weekend I started to notice that when I put new bandaids on, my toe began to itch something fierce. And then it got scary. I reported I needed to go back in on Tuesday where I talked with Dr. #3. He was a little more thorough, took more x-rays, and gave me stronger drugs. His theory is that my skin is either having a reaction to the ointment and bandaids, which caused a new infection to pop up, OR I have a lovely staph infection. I am oh so happy about this, let me tell you. To make matters worse, I'm not allowed to work until it clears up...and when you have an hourly job, that's not good.

So, I have been home and getting things done around the apartment. We went and found a new apartment in the town over that we put a deposit on Friday! As long as everything gets set, we'll be moving in sometime in the middle of next month. This means packing...and I am not looking forward to moving some of our heavy things. I'm going through my books and seeing if I can cull any. I found some that are in good condition that I might try to give away. We'll see if I can swing the shipping.

All I know is that I am glad to get away from our apartment complex and move somewhere a little safer. And the best news is there is more wall space for bookshelves, so perhaps I might be able to convince Matt to get some more in a few months. :)

In reading news, I finished A Separate Peace on Monday night. I forgot how much I loved that book! I am also in the middle of Madame Bovary and picked up Dracula the other night as well. I read Frankenstein last year for Halloween, so Stoker's novel is a good choice for this year.

Anyway, I plan on finishing both this week. And I really want to dive into something meaty, so I might be brave and try Anna Karenina...Not sure though. I haven't read any Tolstoy, but I have loved all the Russian literature I have read so far, so we'll see.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I usually pick from random on my list, but nothing else looks particularly exciting at the moment.

And, hopefully I'll be back to work because while sitting around is fun, I need to move around a bit and make some moola. :)

Happy Reading everyone!


  1. I am sorry about your toe. My sister dropped a weight on hers at the gym and broke it in two spots. I read Dracula earlier this year and it is not really scary like I thought it was going to be which is good because I am not a scary book person. :)

  2. Wow. I hope that they figure out exactly what's wrong now and it gets better QUICKLY. So...between an infected toe and moving mid-November...and you STILL want to do NaNo? You're very, very brave!! If you do sign up, come and add me on there! I'm pookasluagh (same as my twitter handle). :)

  3. Ouch! Hope you get to healing pretty soon. I wish I had A Separate Peace on my list! (I think I'll be wishing up a whole new list to follow my current 250.)

    Make Jane Eyre your next read! :P

  4. No need to be brave for Anna Karenina, it's a page-turner, as is War & Peace. You won't want it to end! :)

  5. Good luck with your toe friend and I always had a running joke about toe injuries, but I do not envy your real one! My vote is for Anna of my favorite books! There are spots that can move a little slow, but overall it is a great read...I found that it really spoke to me.

  6. I'm glad Dr. #3 is on the ball. I had a staph infection in both ears last year. It was painful and went on for months without proper medicine because my doctor was a ninny. Hope it heals!

  7. Gotta love doctors! Would be great if you could see just one-the good one. Good luck, and hope you are up for moving, when the time comes. Suggestions? Anna Karenina is great, but I guess you have to be in the mood for it. You can do no wrong with Jane Eyre!

  8. Sorry about your toe. I hope it starts healing soon!

  9. Worker's Comp! This is totally what it's for.

  10. That's awful about your toe. I read Anna K. last year and was surprised by how much I liked it. It's definitely slow in parts, but good.
    I noticed you haven't read "Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead" from your list yet and I would highly recommend it. It's so witty and fast-paced, it might provide a good dose of humor while you're in the midst of some other serious books.

  11. Sheesh. That sounds like one heck of an ordeal. The nail experience I had was when my pinky nail got lifted off of the nail bed...but not entirely off to where it ripped off. Just down to the cuticles. It was so painful I always threw up. :-/

    Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite novels and I'm actually reading Dracula right now. I'm almost done and LOVE IT. It's the first time I've read it and I cannot believe how spooky it is. Seriously. I've already had a couple of nightmares. They knew how to write horror.

  12. I hope your toe gets better and that it's not the staph infection. Not fun.

    Dracula is definitely one of my favorite novels. (I've read it twice within three years, which I don't think I've done with any other book.) I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did/do!

  13. I'm so sorry about your toe! I hope it heals quickly so you can get back to work.

    It looks like you haven't read Rebecca yet. It would be a good with Halloween coming up. It's kind of mysterious and it has a great creepy character. Also, The Woman in White is a great classic. It's pretty long, but I really enjoyed it.