Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book 7 Part 2: The Middle Comes to an End.

I think the hardest book to get through in a trilogy is the second book.

The first book sets up the story. You get to meet the characters, the plot unfolds, drama explodes, and it leaves you craving more.

The third book finishes the story. By that point you know the characters well and you want them to find happiness by the last page. You’re curious to see what happens and if your own predictions were accurate. It also includes all the action and resolution.

But that middle book is the hard one. It’s the connection between the beginning and the end and sometimes, you just want to get to the end and see where the beginning was taking you.

For The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I find that to also be true. The Two Towers is definitely my least favorite of the trilogy, with the exception of the Ents. While events happen, you really just want to know: Does Frodo succeed in destroying the ring in Mount Doom?

I also seem to be having a hard time finding anything to say about this middle book. Of the three movies, it is the one I have watched the most. Mainly because the movie is Matt’s favorite, as he loves the battle of Helm’s Deep. So the actual plot line does seem as exciting. I also think the film version of the film is incredibly close to the book, so there are a lot of similarities that aren’t really grabbing me.

I also just think that I simply want to get through these and on to something new. I almost feel like I made the wrong decision to read all three back to back instead of spreading them out, but I am almost through them now.

One more to go.

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