Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Apology.

My friends.

I have been beyond busy the last few days. So busy, that I have not had time to schedule in my posts, or visit many blogs.

If you recall, I mentioned I was going to a job fair yesterday. I went and it went really well. Matt and I had planned on talking with most of the out-of-state districts we were interested in and seeing what would happen. I really wanted to walk away with a job offer, but alas, it seems as though the days when districts would hand out contracts like water is long behind us.

With that being said, I had some great interviews with some wonderful districts from all over the country. I finally felt like I found some places that would have the opportunities and environment I crave as a teacher. Now I am filling out online applications, researching getting my certifications up to date, as well as researching the areas we are considering.

It is a huge step for both of us, since we have always lived near family. We both think that it is time to step away, get out of Michigan, and start over where we can both grow and prosper. I am excited to finally, potentially, have my own classroom and to teach again. I miss having teenagers in my life. I love teaching and the joy and struggle it brings. You never know what you are going to walk into, but I love helping students reach their potential, and seeing them grow and learn.

So, I have been busy. You will hopefully see a post from me tomorrow night on The Brothers Karamazov after I get off of work, and I will try to get some more things scheduled in for Friday. I hope to be back visiting all of your wonderful blogs in the very near future. I feel like I am missing out on all of these wonderful books you are reading! However, these applications have to come first!

I miss you all!



  1. The very best of luck on your applications. That must feel like a huge step and it's good to take all the time you need to do that.

    I'm sure none of your followers will run away just because you don't post for a few days or weeks..

  2. I hope that you find exactly what you are looking for; in Michigan or wherever your life takes you. Good luck, Allie! Any district would be very lucky to have you.

    Keep up the good work with your blog (I LOVE reading it every day!)

    Love, Hoolieta

  3. Best of luck dear! You deserve it and I'm sure you'd be brilliant at anything!

  4. Good luck with the job search! We'll be here whenever you can write. :)

  5. First, I read THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV in high school and it was just about my favorite book for years (guess I was in a morbid teen phase). Anyhow, a great read and some gorgeous imagery. Second (maybe should've been first), love your blog and SURELY good luck will come to you on the job search. Sometimes the best things come to those who've had to do a bit of waiting.

  6. On the LOST sight, they think the book The Brothers Karmazov was shown. FYI

  7. Good luck - change is hard but sometimes good!

  8. That's really good news, it sounds like things might start picking up for you. I hope that you get the job that you deserve. A move will be exciting and an opportunity if it comes your way. THings always work out how they are meant to, sometimes we just need to be patient. Good luck

  9. lots of luck with your applications!
    you're going to get it, and the right one is near you, just have hope & faith!

  10. Good luck with the job search! :D And don't worry about taking a blogging break; we'll still be here when you get back.