Monday, April 12, 2010

Book 35: Book Stats.

Title: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Author: Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
First Published: Serialized in 1890; Published in book form 1891

My Edition: Penguin Classics Hardcover (the edition pictured at left. I am obsessed with these editions!)
Pages: 253

Other Works Include: The Happy Prince and Other Stories (1888), House of Pomegranates (1891), A Woman of No Importance (1893), The Importance of Being Earnest (1898)

Oscar Wilde is mostly known for his plays, essays, and social satires. He is probably one of the more famous playwrights of his era.

The Picture of Dorian Gray
is his only published novel.

I have read quite a few of Wilde's essays and stories. I also had the privileged of seeing The Importance of Being Earnest in college performed by a theater group. I have never read his only novel, but I can only imagine that I am in for a huge treat. This will be the only piece I read by Oscar Wilde for my challenge.


  1. Ironically, this is the ONLY thing by Oscar Wilde I've ever read, and I've read it three times (plus an excellent Graphic Novel adaptation). I will be reading The Importance of Being Earnest in about a month. Very excited about that!

  2. Well i do hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did when I read it a few years back. Have you seen the film? It is quite good - I would recommend it if you enjoy the novel.

    thanks for sharing and good luck with your challenge!


  3. I'll be reading this book soon. I was almost tempted to drop everything and read along with you, but then I realised you read much too fast for me to be able to do that!

    I've actually tried to read this before, but I fell out of it and never picked it up again. I'm hoping to retry and like it better.

  4. I am planning on reading this early in the summer. The Importance of Being Earnest has been my favorite play for over a year now, yet I have never read Dorian Gray. No clue as to why because I've had it on my shelves for years!

    Beautiful edition. :)

  5. I read this one a long time ago. It was an interesting read. I agree, I love these hardcover editions.