Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Tempest Read-Along Sign-ups:

Back in June, my readers voted for the next couple of read-alongs. I determined that holding 2 in July would be a form of suicide, so I pushed one back to August.

But now the time has come to see if there is still interest in reading The Tempest by William Shakespeare during the month of August. Personally, I am really excited to read this play, as I have never read it before! Plus, Shakespeare is always wonderful and leaves me feeling quite accomplished.

If you are unsure and know nothing about this play, here is a short synopsis from;

"Prospero, exiled Duke of Milan, living on an enchanted island, has the opportunity to punish and forgive his enemies when he raises a tempest that drives them ashore as well as to forestall a rebellion, to arrange the meeting of his daughter, Miranda, with an eminently suitable young prince, and, more important, to relinquish his magic powers in recognition of his advancing age. Richly filled with music and magic, romance and comedy, the play's theme of love and reconciliation offers a splendid feast for the senses and the heart."

So, here is how this will work. I have found that the less posts you have to make during a read-along, the more likely it is that people will remember and participate. With that knowledge in mind, I am going to plan for TWO posts about The Tempest. They will be as follows:
  • Post 1 over Acts 1 and 2 on Monday, August 16th.
  • Post 2 over Acts 3, 4, and 5 on Tuesday August 31st.
This will allow about two weeks to read each of the sections, which will give you plenty of time to post. Also, if two posts is one too many, you can always post on the 31st and discuss the whole play.

Anyway, I hope you will think about joining in. I think this will be a great play to read as a group and if you aren't used to reading Shakespeare, it is good to jump in with other people!

Leave a comment here if you are planning on joining in on the fun; and as always, please post and spread the word about the read-along, even if you aren't interested!

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  2. I'm gonna do it!!!
    Favorite Shakespeare play :)


  3. I will most certainly consider it! I'll have to see, though, what my schedule's like in August...

  4. Aw, cool! I wish I could join in--this is one of my very most favorite Shakespeare plays--but August is going to be such a crazy month for me that I'm not sure I'll be able to manage it. But I'm excited to see people's posts about it!

  5. I read this one in 2008, but I'll definitely re-skim and participate in discussions!

  6. ooo I would love to participate! It's always comforting to read a little Shakespeare. I'll spread the

  7. I'd love to participate!

  8. I've never read The Tempest before, but I have seen it performed. It's been too long since I've read any Shakespeare, and this would be a great way to get back to it. Count me in!

  9. Okay, I'm going to try and join in on this one. I've never read a play before, much less Shakespeare.

  10. I would also like to participate and hope that it's okay that I read the play in my mother tongue as I don't have the courage yet to try the original. But of course I will blog about my reading experiences in English.
    A really nice blog, I admire what you already achieved and what you still want to read!

  11. Hi Allie,

    I will be happy to participate in the Tempest read-along. I look forward to reading everyone's impressions/comments.

    I'll post a link to the read-along on my blog tonight.