Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals.

I am a very goal-oriented person, so it makes sense that I make new goals at the beginning of every calendar year. I also make goals at the beginning of every school year (since that makes more sense for my professional life as a teacher), but there is something about the new year that gets me all excited and worked up for what the year will bring.

This year, I am dividing my goals into a few broader categories. I did this last year as well-it made it easier to work on the smaller (sometimes silly) goals. :)

Please let me know if you think I should add anything, and what your goals are as well!

  • Return to a 75/25 split between Classics/Other genres. I totally threw my classics out the window and I really miss that balance.
  • Blog at minimum 2x/week (I'm hoping I can get to where I was before (about 4x/week), but I want to start small).
  • Comment on 10 blogs each time I log online for blogging, etc.
  • Host 1 event (it looks like I'm hosting an Odyssey readalong in July for The Classics Club)
  • Read 50 books off the 250 list. :)
  • Continue collecting my Penguin English Library editions I love so much (and share pictures, of course).
  • Get my crazy symptoms under control with meds, etc
  • reduce my gluten intake
  • Lose some weight 
  • Finish reorganizing the bookshelves
  • Print and put up some wedding pictures (only three years later...)
  • Continue my ten minute clean-ups every night before bed
  • Go through and discard/donate old clothing, clutter, etc (probably in the Spring over my break)
  • Continue putting money into our house fund!
  • Continue trying new recipes (at least 1 every 2 weeks)
  • Continue trying new foods!
  • Post/blog more about food/cooking
  • Date night with Matt at least once every 2 weeks
  • Work on some of my unfinished writing projects!
  • Spend as much time as possible with my family, including all 7 of my nieces and nephews. :)
There you have it, my general goals for 2013. I hope I can achieve all of them by the year's end!


  1. These are great goals, and I love how balanced they are! Good luck!

  2. Seems you've got your goals spread out well :) Good luck on achieving them! I've started using Mindbloom (a type of goal-achieving game) to keep myself motivated.

  3. Those are fantastic goals and the reading/blogging part of them is almost identical to mine :)
    Good luck with them!
    Oh, and I'm all for the Odyssey readalong...that would force me to finally read it!

  4. An Odyssey readalong? Yay! I studied it at college and have three translations here, including one I've never read. An excuse to dive into that would be lovely!

  5. I love your categories, they're always so organized. Best of luck with all your goals for the year!

  6. Sounds like some great goals! Best of wishes for achieving them!

  7. Sound like some fantastic goals!! Good luck with them all :)

  8. This year I'm definitely paying attention to the goals for all of the different parts of my life and being realistic about what I can achieve when I have to spend time on everything. I hope 2013 goes well for you!

  9. Great goals! Also, very ambitious with the whole 75/25 Classics/Other! Good luck!!!

  10. Those are awesome goals, Allie. I have been so lax about setting my own 2013 goals, but you've inspired me.

  11. These are really great goals! Good luck with them Allie. I know I'm right there with you for some of them!