Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 2015 Makeup Favorites.

Before we get into all the pretty colors and fun items, just a little backstory.

I've always been a huge fan of makeup. When I was younger, I actually danced, so putting on stage makeup for recitals was always a huge highlight for me. Because when you're 6 and get to slap on a bunch of red lipstick...I mean, that's a fun time. However, I always wore makeup pretty minimally in middle and high school. I usually slapped on one eyeshadow, some mascara, a bit of blush, and a clear lip gloss. I began really playing around with makeup in college, but my "collection" was always relatively small (hello, college student), and I stayed with things from the drugstore or that I knew worked for me.

Over the last couple of years, I've been really playing around with not only makeup, but my skincare. Since being diagnosed with Lupus, I have found that if I take care of my skin, I can keep a lot of my skin-related Lupus issues at bay. But when they do flare up, makeup is a great way of disguising them. And while I'm fortunate that I don't have a prominent butterfly rash, as my Lupus case is pretty mild, when I do break out, I can cover it.

So, I've really been into playing with makeup and branching out of my comfort zone. I know there is this common discussion that women should embrace their natural beauty and avoid heavy makeup. And I agree, but makeup is also fun, and allows women the chance to be creative. For myself, it also allows me to hide some of my rashes (which are not made worse by makeup), and feel a little more comfortable and human when I'm not feeling like myself.

Anyway, since I started to branch out into different brands and kinds of makeup over the last 3 years, my collection has grown pretty the point where my husband has noticed. But it makes me happy and hey, I like the pretty colors. ;)

I thought that I would stop from time to time to highlight some of my favorites and share some tips and tricks. I am by no means an expert in makeup application, but as someone who wears a full face everyday that I'm working, I have some products that I know work for me and what I need.

Without further ado, here are my makeup favorites:

I took this in my bathroom, so some of the reflection is from the mirror.
I'm going to talk about products from left to right, and I will link them when I can.

1. Stila's "In the Know" Eyeshadow Palette: When I went to look up a place to purchase this palette, imagine how heartbroken I am to see that it's now discontinued. I did link you to the "In the Light" palette, which I also own and love. Anyway, this palette is all matte shadow, which is a great addition for anyone who is into makeup. I own a total of 3 of these Stila palettes and love them all. The shadows are pretty smooth and easy to blend, and when you're a beginner, that's super helpful!

2. ColourPop's Snap Dragon (teal) and Girl Crush (brownish taupe): I love ColourPop Shadows, which are relatively new. You can only buy them on their website, but they're $5 and come in a million shades. I own quite a few of them (probably about 15 or so), and find them to be pretty pigmented and easy to apply. I also like that they have bright shades, like Snap Dragon, so that I can branch out. They have a lot of matte colors in addition to shimmers and super glittery shades, but I find the mattes easiest to pull off. I also like that you can apply this with your fingers!

3. Urban Decay's "Naked Basics" Eyeshadow Palette: This is probably my most well-loved and well-used makeup item. I find myself using it on a daily basis, and I've almost hit pan on 2 of the shades (even though that's hard to see in my collective picture). This is another great little staple in my collection with almost all matte shades (the lightest is a shimmer). I can create some gorgeous basic looks with this, so it is a winner in my book. I don't own the second version of this palette, but I do want it. :)

4. Maybelline's Master Prime in Blur and Redness Control: This has been a favorite the last two months as I flared and my face went crazy. I've always had really red patchy skin on my cheeks, but when I flare, it gets out of control. This has helped tame some of that redness and really helps the rest of my makeup go on smoothly.

5. Maybelline's Master Conceal in Fair: It's a little sad that I have to buy super light concealers to cover up my horrible dark circles, but I do. haha. Anyway, not only is this a great concealer for dark circles and blemishes, I also use this to cover up my butterfly rash (when I have it). It's pigmented enough to do the job, and I don't know where I would be without it.

6. Urban Decay's "Naked Skin" Foundation: This is my favorite "high-end" foundation as it is really light but offers a good amount of coverage. The only downside is that is smells a little when you first pump and apply, but the smell does go away. I like that I can build it up to give more coverage in certain areas, and it leaves my skin feeling awesome. I wear shade 2.0.

7. Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation: This is my favorite drugstore foundation and I'm nearing the end of my second bottle. It's a great foundation-a bit heavier than my UD Naked Skin, so it covers well when I'm having a really bad day! It also comes with a pump, which is a little rare for a drugstore product and it helps keep things sanitary, which I much appreciate. I also wear shade 2 in this line.

8. Loreal's Infallible Eyeshadow in "Amber Rush": I own quite a few of these shadows, as they are super pigmented and pretty shimmery, but Amber Rush has been a long time favorite. It's a gorgeous rose gold color that looks great all over the lid!

9. ColourPop's Blush in "Rain": See that bright purple blush in the middle of that picture? I bought it on a whim when I decided to go for something different. It's gorgeous. And easily my favorite blush of all time. It goes on pretty light, but you can build it up to some intense purple on your cheeks. I've found that dabbing it on with a stippling brush works best, and it looks SO GOOD. You can tell on the cheeks that it isn't a normal blush color, but it looks great! I have two of their other blushes and like them just as much...Rain has just stolen my heart.

10. Milani's Baked Blush in "Luminoso": Luminoso is a bright peach blush with a touch of shimmer. It's also pretty pigmented, so I have to go in with a light hand. This is a blush I can only use when my skin is pretty clear (it's so light that if my skin is red, it doesn't show well). It's another gorgeous shade that I normally wouldn't have gravitated to before, as it's so light.

11. Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Bronzing Power in "Santa Barbara": I doubt I will ever use this product up as all I have to do is lightly tap my brush once into the pan and I can put it on both cheeks. This is a supper pretty pinkish blush with a ton of goldish shimmer. It's sold as a bronzing powder, which I really don't get because of the color, but it's gorgeous and BAM in your face.

12. Julep Lipstick in "Chit Chat": I originally joined with Julep for their nail polish, but they have been killing it with their beauty products over the last year or so. Chit Chat is a great nude lipstick. I'm not a HUGE lipstick wearer, as I'm not a fan of the clown lips look, and I feel a bit silly wearing bright colors, but this one works so well for me!

13. ColourPop's Lippie Stix in "Westie" and "Bound": Like I said above, I'm not a big lipstick fan, but I have been branching out. I love these two colors, as both are muted pink and look great on-almost natural, if you know what I mean. I have a few other Lippie Stix from ColourPop, including a couple brighter ones for the summer months, but these 2 have been in heavy rotation. It also helps these are only $5!

14. Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in "Park Avenue Princess": I have a really hard time finding bronzers that work for me, since I have fair skin, but this Tarte bronzer is pretty amazing. It's a bit shimmery, but once I blend it out, the shimmer disappears. I use this every day, and if you look closely, you can see that I'm about to hit pan. eek!

15. Elf Baked Highlighter in "Moonlight Pearls": I own a couple of highlighters, but this one is my favorite and the cheapest (only $3!). I don't like a ton of shimmer on my face (I think it makes your skin look oily, which is odd for me since my skin is so dry). But this is a great highlighter. I find it easiest to apply with my finger-across the top of my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose.

There you have it, some of my current beauty must haves. What items do you use and love? I'm looking for a great mascara if you have any suggestions!


  1. For mascara, I do love Benefit's They're Real. They are the best thing IMO next to false lashes. Thanks for sharing! I'm a make-up junkie, so I always love reading about what others like to use.