Saturday, November 21, 2009

Book 11: The Bluest Eye.

For book #11, I wanted to read another author who I feel like I should have read sometimes in my English career. Then I noticed that I had quite a few books by Toni Morrison on my list. Somehow, just like Dickens, I got through my bachelor’s in English without reading any of her work.


I know that she is well-respected and her work has won numerous awards. She is also one of the more “modern” writers on my list and after Dickens, well; I need something a little livelier and less ridiculous in regards to length.

So, it is with this in mind that I am choosing The Bluest Eye as Book #11.


  1. You need something "a little livelier" and "less ridiculous" Now THAT is funny! You should do book reviews for a living. You, I could read!!

  2. I'm taking a class on Morrison and Ana Castillo right now - I like her, but we're not doing The Bluest Eye.
    I am ashamed to not have read The Hunger Games yet, partly because I knew you wouldn't be proud of me, but as soon as I have time, really, I will... *hides*