Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book 10: Charles Dickens Made Me.

This will be a short entry tonight, mostly because I am trying to refrain from boring you with my own tales of boredom.

So, I was reading Great Expectations tonight curled up in the La-Z-Boy at the new apartment while Matt was off doing something else.

The next thing I know I am jerked awake by the cat jumping up on my lap and nuzzling against me. The book is still lying open where I had left off reading when I apparently fell asleep.

I checked the page number and realized that I only read 25 pages before falling asleep. The funny thing is I wasn’t even remotely tired when I started reading. Charles Dickens just made me fall asleep. I was so bored by Pip, sleep just seemed like a better option.

You know, I think it really says something when I can’t even stay awake when I am not feeling tired to read a book.

Charles Dickens, you made me fall asleep.

I fear I will never conquer you.

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