Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Very Casual Readathon.

I try and avoid double posting as much as possible, but I have been mulling this over in my head for the last couple of hours. After a few conversations on twitter, I figured I would just make a quick post to see if anyone else was at all interested in joining. I find it easier to be productive if I have someone else kicking me in the pants, so maybe you will too!

I fail at reading, so I want to have a very casual readathon this weekend. The plan is to start tomorrow (Friday) evening and finish up by Sunday evening. I'll probably have an update post that I'll continually add to, as well as posting my progress on twitter.

There is no pressure, no stress. Just a goal to be a little productive. For myself, I would like to finish up The Portrait of a Lady, Sense and Sensibility, and Paradiso. If I finish those three, this weekend will be a roaring success. :)

Let me know if you're in so I can check up on you this weekend! :)


  1. Hey I failed at the last readathon too. And I decided I was going to give it a go again this weekend, and then all these things popped up that I forgot about. But I'm in and hope to finish two books if possible "Initiate" and "Taboo".

  2. Fun! I will join you on Sunday. Will be happy if I finish current book (Dash & Lily's Book of Dares) and read some more of Clarissa.

  3. I will definitely be reading, but I think I want to try to remain focused on my book. Every time I enter the Internet, I get distracted! I'll probably pop in now and then but I don't want to make anything official, and any updates I make will be on Twitter/Goodreads probably. (Though I have a couple posts scheduled.)

    I will definitely be reading through Sunday -- that was my plan already in fact. I'm so many books behind! So, I will be with you in spirit. :-)

    I'm JEALOUS you're spending the weekend with the Dashwood sisters. Can't wait to read your thoughts. :-D

  4. Posts about other things are scheduled, I mean -- not my weekend reading. :D

    I will be immersed in the Transcendentalists!

  5. I'm in. I hope to finish Farmer Boy and Northanger Abbey this weekend.

  6. I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity to get back on track, I'm afraid I need it.