Friday, August 3, 2012

Nightstand Pile: August 3, 2012.

It has been a little over a month since I last did a nightstand pile post. Basically, I always pull books that interest me from my shelf to put in a pile on my nightstand. When I'm looking for a new book to read, I go to my pile rather than my bookshelves (most of the time-you know how that goes).

With the Victorian event ending, school lurking in the not so distant future, and my reading challenges going relatively untouched, I put back almost all of the books I had left from the last nightstand pile and pulled new books. Some are repeats, others are new. Well, let's just see them, shall we?

From top to bottom, then left to right:
  • The Hobbit by Tolkien: With the first movie coming out in December, I figured it was time for a reread. :) I love this edition of the book. I bought it when I was in 7th grade on a family vacation in Colorado (I bought The Lord of the Rings in the same editions). That was before the movies came out!
  • Main Street by Sinclair Lewis: I've never read anything by Lewis, but I seem to have acquired quite a few of his novels. This one will count for my TBR Challenge...which I am DETERMINED to complete this year.
  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles: I have no idea why I haven't just finished this. I started it in May, then set it aside in favor of the Victorians. This will be an easy afternoon read (I'm halfway through it already!). This will count for my Greek Classics Challenge.
  • When I Whistle by Shusaku Endo: This is the second of two books by Endo I was sent for review...back in April (oh, how time flies). Jillian said she just finished this one and really enjoyed it, so this one is near the top of the pile for more than one reason!
  • Sanditon by Jane Austen: One of the two titles for Adam's Austen in August event that I am bound and determined to finish. I have never read this one, so I am looking forward to it!
  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen: The other Austen I must finish this month! I'm not as familiar with this one (it's been awhile since I've read it), but I'm really excited to read it!
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison: It's been some time since I've read anything by Morrison and this one seemed the most interesting of my pile! This also counts for my "Back to the Classics" Challenge...that I am failing. whoops!
  • Light in August by William Faulkner: I think I meant to read this one last August as well, but it never happened. *crosses fingers
  • The Remains of the Day by Kazou Ishiguro: This one jumped out at me on the shelf, so I snatched it. I probably won't get to it until September, but it'll be tempting me until then.
  • A Passage to India by E.M. Forster: This is one that will be going to the top of the pile, since I started it months ago and set it aside for the Victorians. I was having a hard time getting into it before, so I think I just need to restart it! This is another one for the TBR Challenge.
  • American Indian Myths and Legends: This is a book I bought for my mythology class. I've already read a couple of stories and I'm getting some good ideas for the class!
  • Mythology by Edith Hamilton: This is the textbook for the class I am teaching, so it is probably a good idea if I read it!
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou: This is another one that jumped at me off the shelf. Does it surprise you that I've never read it? I was also surprised to see it was an alternate for the TBR challenge, so that's good news, right?
  • The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf: Yet another title I started in the Spring and never managed to finish. I'm only 30 or so pages into this one, so like the Forster title, I'm just going to restart it. I imagine I'll save this one for the fall, but I'll be eying it, I'm sure. Oh, and this is yet another title for the TBR challenge.
  • Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray: I started this one LAST June. It's another challenge book (Books I Started but Never Finished), so...yeah. I actually really like this one...I just stopped reading for no reason.
  • The Car Thief by Theodore Weesner: I accepted this one for review because it was set in Flint and Detroit. It sounds interesting-I just haven't made time for it! Soon, I hope??
  • The Norse Myths: Another book I bought for my mythology class. The teacher who used to teach it told me that the materials she had were mostly on the Greeks, so I wanted to change it up a bit. I haven't read anything from this yet, but I did flip through and it looks awesome!
  • Clarissa by Samuel Richardson: It's BAAAAACK. This has been languishing on my nightstand sit I set it there in frustration back in April. I'm not planning on reading it all this month, but I do want to get back into it. I've been craving it, believe it or not! I'd like to finish it by the end of 2012, so we'll see if that happens!
There you have it! My nightstand pile for the next couple of months. I'm sure I pulled too many books, but I think that's a good problem to have!

Let me know what your reading plans are!


  1. I have enjoyed Vanity Fair the times I have tried reading it. One day I shall finish. Maybe we could read it together for motivation. Also, I am reading Light in August this month with a friend if you want to join in. I love Faulkner and try to savor his work.

  2. Love your nightstand! I have also started many books in the past that I didn't finish! I seem to have the same tendency to read more than one at a time. For Austen in August, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice. I am hoping to read Sense and Sensibility also. Emma is the only one I have read. Thank you for info about the movie, The Hobbit. I was thinking of reading that with my kids. I've never read it!

  3. YOU are insane. Oh man.

    So, let's see. The Hobbit I absolutely love (can't believe they're turning it into a trilogy, though - overkill!). Oedipus Rex (and Sophocles in general) is one of my favorites. Sanditon is on my reading list for this month, as is Mansfield Park! I haven't read Beloved, yet, and after reading Leeswamme's review... I just don't know if I want to anymore. I know I should, but.. eh. Light in August is SO. GOOD. It's my favorite Faulkner novel. You know (I think) how much I love the Hamilton text - we were talking about this one on Twitter, yeah? I wasn't the biggest fan of Vanity Fair - I appreciated it, particularly after reading more about its influence on the novel as a literary form, but overall it just wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be. I also have a copy of The Car Thief sitting around.. I've had it for a couple of months. It sounds very interesting, actually, but I just haven't been pulled toward it. And Clarissa. Dear, dear Clarissa. What are we going to do about her?

    1. * And Clarissa. Dear, dear Clarissa. What are we going to do about her? *

      We are going to buy a Nook. (Oh wait. I already did! WAAAAAAAAAY lighter.

  4. I have nightstand envy! I read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings a few weeks back, it was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. And I really couldn't get along with A Passage to India either, I wanted to like it and I eventually finished it but it was not a book for me.

    When do you start at school? We have some teacher-only days starting 3rd Sept, so I'm making the most of August!

  5. Mansfield Park is on my nightstand as well. I saw you and Jillian tweeting about it and just couldn't pass it by. The paper just announced that I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is our one book, one town selection so I might see if I can wrestle up a copy. Of course, now it's been announced in the paper, I probably will not be at the bottom of the wait list.

  6. You know what I liked the most about the pic? The bookmarks!

    I read Mansfield Park at the beginning of the year and it was a novel that made me revisit and start appreciating Austen, so if you already like her, I think you'll adore Mansfield Park!

  7. I too am beginning to crave some Clarissa!! And yay for When I Whistle! I am excited to read you r thoughts. I really think you'll like it.

    I also may begin Mansfield Park soon... :-)

  8. I really should reread the Hobbit before the film comes out as well! It's hard to believe it's been ten years since I've read it. I absolutely hated Beloved, though. The senior seminar for my English BA covered Morrison & Virginia Wolfe, and although I hated Beloved, I loved Morrison's Paradise, Song of Solomon, and Sula. I don't know, maybe Beloved was just too weird for me! Enjoy. :)

  9. I love SO many of these books! Vanity Fair is awesome, and I read The Remains of the Day earlier this year and really really loved it, so I hope you do too!

    I'm also failing alll my challenges, so don't worry about that too much :)

  10. Remains of the Day and The Voyage Out are two books I adore :)

    (Did I mention I was also a Clarissa fan :p)

  11. So many lovely books! I agree, the upcoming movie demands a Hobbit reread--I'd like to get to it this month. Enjoy the Austens! I happen to be a fan of Mansfield Park, but I know that's not a majority opinion.