Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up for April 7, 2013: End of Break.

Sparty helped me organize my PELs
Every time we have a long weekend or an extended break, I make huge plans to get a lot of school stuff done. I have a rolling cart that I fill up with "stuff" and make grand plans in my head to get a ton of prep work done. It shouldn't surprise you that it never happens. I get so used to relaxing and doing nothing that diving into my cart makes me want to cry.

Tigers Game!
I finally broke into the cart on Thursday to pull out some things to be graded, and I may have whimpered a bit. While I didn't have a lot of grading left, it was enough to make me yell at myself, "Why do I always wait?" I only got a minimal amount done on Thursday, and Friday I was in Detroit all day for the opening day Tigers Game. So, that left yesterday (and today) to get some things done.

I spent 12 hours yesterday prepping and planning for the beginning of the new quarter. I'm aware that 12 hours is ridiculous. I was busy making lectures, powerpoints, reference sheets, notes handouts for my history classes, and a bunch of random things. But at least I woke up this morning knowing that I am prepped for the first week back (and then some). My history classes are learning about JFK and LBJ this week, and my sophomore English classes are diving into their American author research project. At least with my English classes working in the library, I'll have more time in class to get some grading done (as a general rule, I don't really grade during the school day that often. I'm too busy helping students or running around to concentrate on grading-I usually just bring assignments home or stay after for an hour or 2 to catch up-I don't have a planning period during the day, so that's what works for me).
My niece, Zoey. We went shopping this week!

Anyway, I'm going to be heading to the library this afternoon to settle in and get my grading done. I get too distracted at home, so that always works for me. :)

In reading and blogging news, I've spent some time this week getting some posts prepped and ready to post. You'll see a few pop up! I'm trying to catch up a little on the backlog, and it may take me through the end of the month to be caught up (assuming I don't read anything else in the meantime). I'm hoping I can dedicate myself to getting back in the swing of things without feeling too overwhelmed. I also want to finish up some books that have been lingering, so I am going to focus on finding that balance.

In any case, there is a giveaway going up tomorrow! It was supposed to go up during "A Modern March," but that just didn't happen. Make sure to look for it.

I hope your week went well and that you have warmer weather than Michigan (seriously, a week into April and we're still hovering around freezing? That's crazy, even by Michigan standards).

Happy Reading!


  1. So nice to see you posting again :)

  2. Your niece is adorable! I have a nephew round about the same age and he brings so much joy into my life.

    And I don't work for school at all during the holidays. I work my butt off during term time so I give myself permission to have a complete break during the hols.

  3. hey, I'm in metro detroit too!

    although with this weather, I'm not a happy michigander. april, the cruelest month for SURE.

  4. All of those books! They are so delicious looking and Sparty is such a gorgeous cat. And your weekend and extended break plans sound like my regular plans. Big and grand but often left to the wayside. Oh well--such is life, right? Zoey is precious.