Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogversary Giveaway #4: Willa Cather.

Once more, I am giving away books to my wonderful readers in celebration of hitting two years into my project.

Today's giveaway is one that I am especially excited about. You see, the first time I read Willa Cather, I was a high school student and I absolutely hated it. I'm sure the dramatics of high school played into that feeling as well. But when I reread her a year and a half ago for THIS project, I just fell in love. She is great at capturing the American spirit.

So here is what's for grabs:

The set includes two vintage books (Death Comes for the Archbishop and Sapphira and the Slave Girl) as well as a copy of My Antonia.

Here are the rules/requirements for entering:
Here are the rules:
  • The giveaway ENDS Saturday, September 3rd at 11:59 EST.
  • You must be 13 or older to enter.
  • You must live in the U.S. (internationals, I am hosting another giveaway just for you!)
  • You can only enter once.
  • You do not have to "follow" or subscribe (but do if you so feel the desire)
  • You must leave your e-mail in your comment so I can contact you if you win.
  • If you win, you have 24 hours to respond or I will choose a new winner.
  • In your comment/entry below, answer the following question: What ONE quality defines Americans the most?
  • Winner will be chose randomly using
Good luck!


  1. I love Death Comes for the Archbishop so much. No need to enter me but I just wanted to say that. :D

  2. I would love to win some Willa Cather. Thanks Allie!

    I think the quality that defines Americans the most is work ethic. If we want something, we know we can get it through hard work - although sometimes to a fault.


  3. Oh, "My Antonia" is on my wishlist! How did you know? ;-)

    The first quality that jumps to my mind to describe Americans is "arrogant." Sometimes that's a good thing - like when we won't accept failure, and work to solve a problem. Sometimes, not such a good thing.

    My email is stackwanderer AT gmail DOT com

  4. Awesome! I don't own any of these yet, so thanks for the chance. roofbeamreader(At)gmail(Dot)com

    What ONE quality defines Americans the most?
    -Hm. I would say, the innate ability to gauge when a question is answerable or not. :P

  5. Oh, I have been wanting to read her for ages! I'm so excited!

    What quality? I'd have to say our ability to pull together as one nation. I just came through Hurricane Irene, and when you see everybody, even states hundreds of miles away, stepping up without even having to be asked and helping, that just makes me beyond happy to be an American.


    kimie142002 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. I think the quality that defines Americans is that of free thinking.

    akreese at hotmail dot com

  7. What a great giveaway. You've got my email address. :-)

    America... full of potential. :-)

  8. One quality that defines Americans the most? That's so hard. I would say either independence or not having a fear of speaking up when they feel like something isn't right!


  9. I love Willa Cather! I would say the defining characteristic is persistence.

  10. No need to enter me either, I just wanted to mention I just bought FOUR more Cathers on sale at Borders at my penultimate trip: A Lost Lady, Lucy Gayheart, Sapphira and the Slave Girl, and Alexander's Bridge. They were so cheap I couldn't pass them up. Number of unread Cathers on my TBR shelf: FIVE -- no, SIX. I shall quietly go into a corner of the library and hang my head in shame.