Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Penguin Clothbounds.

Okay, by now you all should know how much I love and adore the Penguin Clothbound Classic series. I own the full set (minus Crime and Punishment and Madame Bovary which were only released in the UK for a limited time), and I give them away as much as I possibly can. I don't love them just because they're classics-I love them because they are high-quality, lasting editions I will own and cherish for a lifetime. I see my set as something I can leave behind. Morbid? maybe. But it is how I think. I am building a library not only for myself, but my future family. Know what I mean?

Earlier today I was fiddling online when I stumbled across a clothbound cover for Charles Dickens' Bleak House. Since I don't own that one and I own the entire set, I knew it had to be a new release. So, I did some more sleuthing and discovered that there are going to be 5 new titles released in the "near" future (at least from what I could find).

On December 27, Penguin is releasing two more Dickens titles (Bleak House and Hard Times) to celebrate Dickens' 200th birthday (you can read more HERE on the Penguin UK site). These will join Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and A Christmas Carol in the collection.

Here are the two covers:

I also discovered that they are releasing the remaining Jane Austen novels (of her main 6) in April (however, the Book Depository, based in the UK, has them releasing next month).

Here are the three covers:

What do you think? I know I am going to have to get my hands on them. :) I do like some of the covers better than others, and it is hard to judge the colors based on what you see on screen. Some of the color combos on the other titles are also a little wonky, but the editions are still beautiful. Of the five new titles, my favorite covers are Hard Times and Persuasion.

Any of you Austen fans going to collect all 6? ;)


  1. Oh wow, I love the Bleak House cover. The colors do look a little wonky, but they kinda work for me. Plus, the cage motif is so fitting.

    Not that I'm going to be buying a copy. As much as I'm taken with the cover, I still absolutely hate the book.

  2. I just love the green ones! They look so old-fashioned.

    Yes, I will have to own this entire set at some point. Right now, my only Penguin clothbound edition is the copy of Little Women I won in your giveaway at the last readathon. You may have started an addiction...

    I wish there was a clothbound of Vanity Fair! That one would be TEMPTING.

  3. I love Northanger Abbey!

    I only have one of these editions (The Woman in White, from you!) but I can see how it would be great to own the whole collection. They are beautiful.

  4. I haven't read anything by Austen yet but I do plan on buying the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition of Emma since the cover was illustrated by Jillian Tamaki. It's so beautiful! Have you seen it yet?

  5. I only have one Penguin hardbound classic, a copy of Middlemarch that I got at the Borders clearance. Sorry I didn't get more!

    I think my favorites are the Jane Austen covers -- the motifs on these three seem more related to the stories than the first three -- why does the Emma cover have all those chairs? I'd love to buy all of them, plus Bleak House (my favorite Dickens) but I have multiple editions of most of Jane Austen already! I think I have FOUR copies of Pride and Prejudice already!

    And thank you for clearing up the mystery of Madam Bovary. I didn't know about Crime & Punishment but I really wish I had a copy of MB. It was beautiful and I really like the story. Oh well.

  6. i'm probably going to buy a copy of Persuasion, it's beautiful and the copy i have is kind of toiletpaper.

    i LOVE that they did every austen book and i do think i will buy them all, sooner or later.. Pride and Prejudice is already in my possession.

  7. I'm so excited that they made the remaining Austen books and I'll definitely have to collect them all. Absolutely loved reading Pride and Prejudice that way. It very much enhanced the reading experience.

  8. I love the Penguin clothbounds, but I'm trying not to buy duplicates of books I already own, which unfortunately has included many of the books they've released. Although the idea of a matching set is tempting...

  9. I LOVE Bleak House. I read it this past summer. These new covers look great. Simple is always better.

  10. How did I not see this yet? I think you know that I love these books. I've been wondering if they were going to release the other Austen titles. I particularly love the Bleak House and Persuasion cover. I think the Northanger one is pretty fantastic too. Also, leaving your library behind, is not morbid, it's awesome.

  11. p.s. I'm kind of surprised David Copperfield isn't included as one of Dickens "major" works.

  12. @ Melissa - Good point about David Copperfield!

  13. Would you believe I've NEVER seen these editions?
    They are GORGEOUS!!!!
    I shall have to get ALL of Jane Austen's books in this edition now! Lol you should see the collection of Pride & Predjudice editions I have! That's my favorite Austen book (but I love them ALL)