Thursday, October 20, 2011

Readathon Plans (Maybe).

I posted not too long ago about my intentions to join in on the 24-Hour readathon coming up on Saturday. And while I love the event and I really would love to participate...I don't know if I will be as into the event as I usually am.

I am in a slump...and not just in blogging. Life to seems to be plodding along all right, but I seem to be going through the motions only.

I am going to try my darndest, but my participation on Saturday depends on the following:
  • Finishing Dracula either tonight or tomorrow
  • Finishing my fifth hour memoir projects (and I still have one class set to go after that)
  • I feel better. My walking pneumonia came back with a vengeance a couple weeks ago, and I still don't think I am over it. At times, I still have a hard time breathing. I've also been feeling a bit "off" at times. Maybe it is just my mood, but I want to feel "up" to reading if I am going to participate.
Even with all of that, I decided to make a small stack of books to read this weekend. Here they are:

My original goal was to read some Shakespeare, so you can see the four titles I picked out off my list. I figured Hamlet might be a good choice for the weather and time of year. It has also been quite some time since I read it, so I am kind of looking forward to it. The bottom title is Dante's Inferno, which I have yet to start for the Group Read I am hosting (whoops).

Anyway, perhaps I will be reading alongside you on Saturday. If a post isn't up by halfway through, you'll know that life got in the way. :) But, I'm sure I'll be around on twitter to cheer you on!


  1. I'm sorry things have been so awful for you lately Allie! :(

  2. Like Amanda said, I'm sorry things have been so awful. I hope you get some reading done even if you can't participate in the readathon and get to feeling better!

  3. I was feeling like you feel in August/September -- just overwhelmed. And I didn't have walking pneumonia!

    Just relax and read as you feel pulled to it, Allie. There will be another readathon in April :-) and sometimes it's the wrong time to read. Besides, I remember you went ALL OUT last readathon, working straight through the night while sick, then working only four hours later. No need to do that again!

    I'll be joining the readathon, but I'm hoping to focus intensely on reading rather than socializing this time, so while I'll miss you, we'd have probably seen little of one another anyway. :-)

    Oh, and Hamlet!! Yay!!

    I think you should spend the readathon watching movies, like Sense and Sensibility or Far and Away, and go to bed like you normally would, so you can heal up. Pneumonia is not readathon weather. :-)


  4. Hope to see you tomorrow, Allie. I'm looking forward to cheering--probably won't do much reading. Maybe just a little bit here and there? Don't push it if it doesn't feel right, though. :(

  5. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well lately. Hopefully you get back to better soon and out of your life--and reading--slump! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I'm sorry things have been rough! I hope you get a chance to at least roam around the readathon tomorrow!

  7. don't be so hard on yourself -- so sorry that you're in a slump, but blogging and reading should be fun, and so make sure you find the balance you need to keep your sanity too!

    I think reading plays will be quite satisfying for the readathon time. They move quickly. And I don't know what translation you're reading of Inferno but I have Hollander and I"m amazed at how quickly it's moving. Just don't get too bogged down in reading EVERY footnote or it will kill you -- that's what happened to me last summer, but now it's going well.