Sunday, October 16, 2011

Re-Readathon November 18-20.

The wonderful Jaime over at The Perpetual Page-Turner has announced that she is hosting a Re-Readathon over the weekend of November 18 to the 20.

Since I am a fan of readathons...and rereading, I figured this would be a perfect fit for me.

Last November, I took the whole month "off" from reading my classics and focused on rereading books from my childhood and teen years. It was a great break and sent me back to the classics with open arms. I found myself refreshed and renewed.

I am feeling like I need a break sometime in the near future, so Jaime's readathon will come at a great time. That weekend leads into my last two days in my current teaching placement, so spending the weekend reading old favorites will be a great way to relax before a sad couple of days.

I don't have any specific reading plans. I might reread The Hunger Games trilogy, since I have been craving them. Or I might reread some Harry Potter. We'll see. But it'll be great fun either way, no pressure, and a chance to revisit some books lingering on my shelves.

I hope you'll join in!


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I have no idea if I'm going to participate just yet.

  2. Very tempting, perhaps I might...I can see why you'd feel refreshed for the classics after your little break from your childhood/teen favorites. I'm lucky because I can revisit those as read-alouds with my third graders. But, I'm always up for a reread of Charlotte's Web, which they hear in first grade, and I can think of a few others I'd like to crack open. Thanks for the heads-up! Plus, what a lovely thing to do right before Thanksgiving; it makes me feel all cozy just thinking about it!

  3. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Yet another readathon to participate in!

  4. This is a great idea! If I don't have much going on that weekend, I'll be sure to participate.

  5. Sounds like SO much fun!! But, I have Emerson and Thoreau waiting on me... :-)

  6. Hello! New follower here, coming over from the link list for this readathon. I love rereading books, so can't wait for this to start. Hopefully by then I'll have made up my mind what to reread. I haven't reread my favorite book yet this year - Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley - so maybe it's time.