Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book 43: Finished.

I was trying to decide how to write this review. On one hand, I don't feel like I should be ragging on any of these "classics." Maybe it is because I feel like I am not qualified to give my own thoughts and interpretations on books that have been analyzed for years, and years, and years.

But then again, this whole process is for me, and these are my thoughts.

When I closed Of Mice and Men, I sat there for a bit and waited for that feeling. Usually, when I finish a book, some thought will hit me. Maybe is one along the lines of "Wow, that was AMAZING!" Or it could be, "Wow, that was the biggest waste of time ever."

I got nothing when I closed this, just like I did when I read The Stranger by Camus. I felt like I should be feeling something, but nothing was kicking in. Perhaps I am simply missing the point. Or I just didn't connect with the book.

Of course, I could analyze this for you just like an English teacher would, but that would defeat the purpose. I mean, this novel is analyzed all the time in schools across the United States (and I am assuming elsewhere), so what would my stab it amount to? I won't add anything new.

George and Lennie are friends. One is smarter than the other and takes care of the other-protects him. But when he does something to compromise everything, it tests the boundary of that friendship.

It is a pretty universal theme.

Anyway, I am hoping that the next book shows me something more, because I am in desperate need of that next GREAT read.


  1. I've found that I enjoy Steinbeck's longer works much more than his shorter ones. I haven't read this - at least, I don't think I have, I think we watched the movie in school instead - but i worry it won't impact me as much as East of Eden and The Grapes of Wrath did.

  2. I looked through your list and found three books that I thought might be your "next GREAT read," but then I looked at your already-read list and saw that you've already finished 2 of the 3 I was going to suggest . . . however, it looks like the third is still up for grabs. It's one I actually haven't read myself, but this review made me very excited about trying it:

  3. I read this book in high school, I think I liked it at the time but it hasn't really stuck with me so I think your reaction is valid. Sometimes I think classics are classics not necessarily because they're super great, but because they had something important to say at the time that doesn't necessarily translate well for today's reader.

  4. I read this years ago and it broke my heart. There's not too much to sink your teeth into, I just hated watching Lennie unintentionally do horrible things.

    p.s. I felt EXACTLY the same way about The Stranger. Just nothing. It wasn't bad necessarily, I just didn't care.

  5. Books that make you feel nothing are the hardest to write about. I hope you come across the next great read soon.

  6. I was emotionally drawn in to the ending of this one, but I too read it quickly and I was not impressed with the depth behind it. I wondered what classes would have discussed, it seemed so straight forward.

    I loved EAST OF EDEN though. That has plenty of depth to make up for it!