Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book 46: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Book Stats.

Title: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Author: Muriel Spark (1918-2006)
First Published: 1961

My Edition: Harper Perennial Modern Classics (seen at left)
Pages: 137

Other Works Include: The Comforters (1957), The Bachelors (1960), The Public Image (1968), The Takeover (1976), Loitering with Intent (1981), The Finishing School (2004)

Both The Public Image and Loitering with Intent were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

When I was compiling the list of books I would read, I looked at a few things to determine which books would make the cut. This book popped up on a few lists, including the AP Literature list, as well as some top 100 lists. And even though I have some other "modern classics" on the list, this one I never heard of.

To be honest, I am really excited for this little novel. It is about a teacher who does things her own way, and that is really appealing, especially since I am a want to be teacher. I hope that it can live up to my expectations!

This will be the only thing by Spark I will read for my challenge and I have never read anything by her before, so we shall see how it goes!


  1. I haven't heard of this book until now... I'll see if your posts inspire me to read it!

  2. One of my best friends loved this and recommended it to me. I'm yet to read it, but I'm pretty sure this is a very interesting book :)

  3. Never read this although I would so like to. And I think that there is a film too...

    Thanks for sharing


  4. I loved this book! You should also watch the movie after you read it.

  5. I have never read anythink by Muriel Spark before, but I've heard great things about her. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  6. I have heard of this in the movie form but I guess I didn't realize it was a book. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  7. The cover looks great! I have actually heard really good things about this book. I hope it meets up to your expectations!