Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Shakespeare Reading Challenge.

To be quite honest, I'm not big on a lot of challenges. I mean, I already have enough to deal with by reading off my own project list. I also have a hard time dealing with the confines of fitting my own list into the requirements of other challenges.

With that being said, I think there is an opportunity to participate in a couple of challenges as a way of being slightly more active in the book blogging community at large. And I am only signing up for those challenges that will help me with my own project, and that sound like something that will push me.

The first challenge to catch my eye is the Shakespeare Reading Challenge, hosted by Elena. Since Shakespeare has quite a few titles on my list, this is a great way for me to get through more of his works.

There are three levels to the challenge, as follows:
1. Puck: Read 4 plays over the year, 1 of which may be replaced by a performance
2. Desdemona: Read 6 plays, 2 of which may be replaced by a performance
3. Henry V: Read 12 plays, 3 of which may be replaced by a performance

I am choosing to go with Level 2. In the last year and some months, I only read 4 of his plays, and I still have 12 left. 6 would be a great number for the coming year and enough of a challenge for me.

I am excited for this one and hope you will decide to join in. Shakespeare is not as difficult as he is made out to be. I find that with a good edition he can be fairly accessible.

Anyway, this is the first of the 2011 challenges I will be signing up for. I will be doing single posts for any other challenges I may decide to join.


  1. Yes, he's quite accessible, I'm learning, and quite enjoyable!

    I'm not sure I'll be joining this challenge, as I'll likely be focusing more on the Victorians this year, but it's a definite maybe. :-)

  2. I did quite a lot of challenges in 2009, then quit most of my 2010 challenges, and am mostly doing self-made challenges in 2011. The only ones i plan ot join is the GLBT challenge (which, as the creator, is near and dear to me) and RIP when it comes around next fall!

  3. Awesome challenge - and I would highly suggest the Folger editions. They're pretty awesome. I've read almost all of Shakespeare's complete works, but this might be fun to do with a group too.

  4. I might have to join in on this one. I'd like to read more Shakespeare. I wasn't officially planning to do any challenges though ;)