Monday, November 29, 2010

Book 63: The Little Prince.

This is another novel I read for the read-a-long (yes, that one WAY back in the beginning of October. I am well aware how behind I am).

The Little Prince is a book that I regret not reading when I was younger. I think I would have adored this little book so much as a child. At only 113 pages, with illustrations, it is a small book with a lot of power.

The story is essentially of the Prince, who journeys to other planets and meets adults (meant to be silly I assume). His observations on their lives critique a little bit of the human experience. My favorite is when the Prince meets the businessman, who believes he owns the stars that he can count and wishes to use them. The Prince's explanation of property and ownership is touching. I love the contrasting view-that by caring for things you can own them, not just point and claim.

There are other portions I love-the geographer who spends all of his time creating maps, but spending no time visiting the places he draws. It made me a little sad to think of that in relation to my own life. I spend a lot of time reading about places and visiting them in my mind, but I don't travel (more that I don't have the means to).

I wonder if this is what adulthood means for many people-wanting things and working for them without ever understanding their importance.

I don't want to say any more about this marvelous little book, except that you should read it if you haven't, as well as reading it to a child. Share its wonder and wisdom. Its beautiful and perfect in every way.


  1. Back in 2001, I read the original in French, which probably affected my enjoyment, since I struggled with it a lot and it took three weeks of constant work to get through. I should probably try to reread it in English sometime...

  2. I have been looking for books to read to my daughter. I'll definitely add this to the list. I don't remember reading it as a child, so I'll look forward to it!

  3. I would love to read this, it seems really sweet.

  4. I remember seeing all of my friends in high school read it for their french classes, but I never thought to pick it up until last year. Much the same as you, I really enjoyed it.

  5. I love this book, but Amanda's not the first person I've heard say that reading it in French (er, when French is not your first language) ruined it. :p I read it in high school and have loved it ever since. The illustrations are brilliant.

  6. I didn't know what to expect when I first read this and I absolutely loved it. Perhaps it's time for a reread.