Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am Back (ish).

Hello everyone!

We officially have internet in the new apartment and that makes me very happy. All of our things are over here, and while the apartment is still kind of a mess with boxes in every place you look, it is beginning to feel like home. We've already met some of our neighbors and love the new area. I feel much safer!

So, with the move being pretty much done, internet hooked up, and my finished book pile going up to staggering heights, it is time to make a return to blogging. I have a lot of catching up to do on all your wonderful posts, as well as slamming your feeds with multiple posts of my own.

To make my point, I've read a grand total of EIGHTEEN books this month, and its not over yet! And while all of those books might be considered children's lit or YA, it is still a big accomplishment. I mean, I read all NINE of the "Little House" books in the last 8 days, WHILE MOVING. Its insane. I am feeling this huge urge to read as fast as I can and to read everything I can.

I can only hope that this will continue when I move into the books I have picked out for December. I have The Glass Castle on my nightstand. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It is a fairly new book, but I am teaching it in January, so its best that I read it first. Has anyone read it? Thoughts?

I also have War and Peace out, along with Barchester Towers, Wise Blood, and Civil Disobedience. We'll have to see what happens.

Anyway, I look forward to catching up on the million posts you all insisted on writing while I was gone. Please let me know if there is one I should really look at so I don't miss it!

I'm so glad to be back. :)


  1. I'm glad you're back :) And 18 books is a lot! I have the Glass Castle waiting for me at home, but I haven't read it yet. I have heard good things about it, that is all I can help you with. But if you take a look at the book bloggers search engige I'm sure you'll find lots of reviews.

    And good luck catching up on posts! I find it difficult even now, having been active for at least a week and not gone for a long amount of time..

  2. Thank goodness the move is over. I have to say that you and Matt sure have a lot of stuff. I really do love the new apartment so much better. It looks more homey. I'm sure the cats are enjoying all the exploring, especially with all the boxes and wrappings.

    As for reading during the move, just how did you do that. Amazing. But then again, you are my child ;).

    Looking forward to your posts.

    Now off to prepare for Turkey Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

    Love, Mom

  3. Welcome back!! :) You know what's good about reading a whole series like that? You can review it all in a single post!! :D Have a great Thanksgiving Allie!

  4. Congrats on being done with the move!

    Glass Castle should be a pretty quick read, even if you are taking the time to take notes or whatever. I read it for my book club and there was so much to talk about. So much, in fact, that my review ended up being very short: I couldn't decide what to include/exclude and so ended up not saying much at all. Here's my short review:

  5. Yay! Welcome back, and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm excited that you're through the Little House books already! I started a bit of a fad, I think. Iris is on Book #5. :-D

    Anyway, missed you!

  6. Can't wait to hear what you thought of Civil Disobedience! If you have time in the next few days we'd love to have you participate in the Literary Blog Hop over at The Blue Bookcase!

  7. Glad to see you're back! While you were gone we came up with a challenge that'll start 1.1.2011. It's based on the book Special Topics in Calamity Physics and I think that the list includes a lot of the titles that you've got on your list (albeit you've read at least some of them already). So you're more than welcome to hop on board in January! :)