Monday, March 15, 2010

Book 26: Favorite Passages.

I kept seeing little Amy as Kirsten Dunst, so I was very glad to get to old Amy in the latter half of the novel. I am not a Kirsten Dunst fan, so of course I am seeing her face in mind whenever I am reading about Amy.

Anyway, besides that I am still loving Little Women. While it is certainly preachy, and almost a guide for learning to be a respectable little woman, I love it. It is truly a feel good kind of book that warms your heart.

I wanted to share a few favorite lines from the March sisters before I go and finish the last 100 pages. Enjoy!

"'I'll try and be what he loves to call me, 'a little woman,' and not be rough and wild, but do my duty here instead of wanting to be somewhere else," (18).

"Boys are trying enough to human patience, goodness knows, but girls are infinitely more so," (71).

I am sure that my mother would agree. And I am sure most mothers would agree with that statement.

"'Little girls shouldn't ask questions,'" (76).

I feel I should point out that I laughed hard at this one.

"'Housekeeping ain't no joke,'" (114).

I agree. Especially when you live with MY husband.

"'People don't have fortunes left them in that style nowadays, men have to work and women to marry for money. It's a dreadfully unjust world,'" (158).

Unjust that we actually work and EARN our money?? Hmmm. 21st century Allie finds fault with this statement.

"It takes people a long time to learn the difference between talent and genius, especially ambitious young men and women," (250).

Amen to that. This is why you have horrible singers who are more successful than those with truly amazing voices and why there is just as much garbage published as truly great literature.

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  1. Love the quotes and your side notes.
    Love, Mom