Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Salon...on Monday.

This has been a horrid week. My laptop has some insane virus on it that is driving me crazy and while Matt and I have tried to get it off with a lot of different scans, nothing is working. We decided that we are just going to wipe it and reboot it tonight. Luckily, I got on yesterday and managed to save everything I needed, so I shouldn't lose anything else (I lost my novel in progress back in January when we tried to wipe the laptop-sensing a trend?)

Since I was so upset about not blogging and getting new posts up, reading fell by the wayside for most of the week. I did start Wuthering Heights on Saturday morning and now I only have about 50 pages left. But, reading was not as successful as it could have, and should have been.

I also had my first day of substitute teaching on Friday. I spent half the day in a kindergarten classroom. I was completely out of my element, since I am certified for 6-12, so I don't think I will be taking a job like that again any time soon. I do have a 2-day job lined up for Thursday and Friday at the district that wanted to hire me this past summer and the job is in my age group and subject matter, so it should be a fun 2 days!

I also signed up for the Classics Circuit in April. I am bummed not to be participating in the Zola tour. I read Germinal in December and loved it, but it was the only Zola on my list. To make up for my disappointment, I will be reading two novels for Dumas, which I am eager to read.

I am also disappointed in the lack of entries for my giveaway, so if you haven't already, please enter! And spread the word! There is a link at the top of my blog.

Goals for this week:
  • Laptop back up and running.
  • Finish posts for O Pioneers and Little Women
  • Finish Wuthering Heights
  • Read Alias Grace
Happy reading everyone and I hope to be back in the full swing of things soon!


  1. You can do it!! Achieve your goals, that is!

    I'll be one of the people reading Germinal for the Classics Circuit and The Black Tulip for the Dumas tour. I can't fricken wait.

    What Dumas books are you reading?

  2. Escape the bad with your reading! It'll relax you and take your mind off the laptop issue.

    As for the teaching gig, congrats! Hopefully you'll be teaching your own class in no time.

    Read away and keep doing a good job, Allie!

  3. I haven't entered the giveaway, because I'm on Wordpress and don't get the whole following thing. So maybe that's part of the problem?

    I'm doing Zola and Dumas; it'll be my first Zola, which is exciting! I'm more nervous about the Dumas...I enjoyed Three Muskateers but loathed Count of Monte Cristo. So hopefully third time's the charm! :)