Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book 32: Book Stats.

Title: The Misanthrope
Author: Moliere (1622-1673); Real Name: Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
First Published (Performed): 1666

My Edition: Dover Thrift Edition-published 1992 (my library's sole copy)
Pages: 52

I have never read or seen anything by Moliere before. To be quite honest, my background in theater is pretty pathetic. I took one "theater" class in college, which solely focused on Shakespeare, so any other early playwrights are essentially unknown to me.

This will be the only work I am reading by Moliere for my challenge.


  1. I took 1 drama class in high school, but we focused on the development of theatre as a whole - we read Oedipus, Everyman, a few Shakespeare, and then Death of a Salesman. So even if you'd gone that route, you probably wouldn't know too much more.

  2. I have heard the name Moliere before, but didn't know he was a playwright.