Friday, March 26, 2010

Book 30: Finished.

If I told you that I had to make myself finish this book would you hate me?

I just didn't like it.

I really tried to read it with an open mind...and not get angry or upset by the horrid writing, and the confusing narrative, but I still just don't like it.

I can "Get" why it is taught so often, and why it is an important piece of literature. And by all means, I should have liked it since I usually like novels like this. But I found it to be boring. And when the tragedies and violence finally struck, I wasn't even moved by it.

It was more of a "that sucks" kind of reaction.

But I tried, I really did. I attempted to like the characters, but the only ones I enjoyed were Piggy and Simon. They were the only two with any sense and the only two I didn't cringe at when they spoke.

So yeah. You could say I am not a fan of Golding's masterpiece. It happens and there is no harm done.

I will say that I liked the idea of the book. A group of schoolboys alone on an island and forced to survive. Kids will obviously handle such a tragedy different than adults will, so it was interesting to see how they tried to set up leadership and what their priorities were for survival.

As I pointed out before I began the book, I read this in part for the LOST Books Challenge and yes, there were a ton of similarities:
  • The struggle between two leaders (Jack and Locke) that threatens to tear apart a group of survivors)
  • Being lost on and island and forced to survive
  • The savagery of certain individuals vs. those who want to survive and be rescued
  • The plans for eventual rescue by different individuals vs. the needs of the group to survive
  • The hunting of the wild boar
  • Violence between individuals in the groups
There is more, but those are the biggies.

Anyway, I'm glad to be done with this and not have it hanging over my head any longer. On to something more interesting....

*I'm sorry about the "downer" way this post seems. I just really didn't enjoy the book and I really just don't enjoy writing about it. It happens and I hope to have better things to say about my next book.*


  1. Great review. I should re-read this some day.

  2. You tried it and didn't like it....that is the great thing about having so many books to choose from. Some of us will enjoy it, while others scratch their heads and wonder what the heck was so great about it!! I worried about posting my thoughts on Wuthering Heights (hated it) but I managed to come out of it unscathed and with plenty of others feeling the same way. Your review has convinced me that I don't want to waste my time listening to this one on audio! (I had it on my listen to list!)

  3. I have this on my bookshelf as a TBR and have never actually read it. My younger sister did it in high school, but I never had to. One day I will read it, but I definitely won't rush

  4. I am not particularly a fan of this book either ...

    Regarding the LOST Challenge, do you want me to link up to your reviews from the blog, or would you like me to made you an admin so you can post your review there yourself?