Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oliver Twist Readalong UPDATE.

I am hoping that those of you who are participating in the Oliver Twist Readalong see this message.

Apparently I am an idiot and messed up the dates on the original sign-up post. When I was trying to figure out the specific dates for posting on each section, I was looking at two different calendars for for 2011 and one for 2010.

Zoe brought it to my attention that the dates and the days didn't match up.

With all that being said, I went back and changed the dates of the posts. Remember, we are doing three posts since there are three "books" in this novel. Here are the dates:
  • Post 1 will go up on February 8th (Tuesday) and will cover Book 1 (roughly 180 pages-the longest section)
  • Post 2 will go up on February 17th (Thursday) and will cover Book 2 (roughly 120 pages)
  • Post 3 will go up on February 28th (Monday) and will cover Book 3 (roughly 140 pages)
The dates have also been changed on the original post and for those of you who are still interested in joining us, you can sign up there.

I have also heard from a couple participants that their editions don't have the divisions of books. The first book has 22 chapters, the second has 14, and the third has 15. I hope that helps!

Please pass the word along to any people you know are participating.

Thanks for understanding my error!


  1. thanks for the update and also for letting us know about the book chapters! I'm reading an ebook again and so I can't actually tell if it has the book divisions til I get there so knowing how many chapters it should be will be helpful. looking much as I can look forward to Dickens... to digging into this next week. thanks again for hosting!

  2. I've got my copy all warmed up and ready to go! Just gotta finish reading The Golden Mean ...might start a few days late on Oliver Twist. =/

  3. Thanks Allie! I'm in for this but will likely only post once -- due to time, and my hope that I'll read it all in a week. (No promises!)

    So I might read this the secle of the readalong?

    Thanks for hosting this!

  4. LOL - stupid keyboard. That should read:

    *So I might read this the second week of the readalong*


  5. Like Jillian I will post only once-I plan to post on this work on Feb 7-the 199th birthday of Dickens!-born Feb 7, 1812-

  6. Thanks for the update. My book only has chapters so thanks for breaking it down. I'm really trying to wait until February but it's difficult. I might just break down and start today.

  7. Hi, Allie. Thanks for posting this update. How many chapters are there in "book 1" of your edition? My copy has 511 pages, so I'm a little confused. :)

  8. @Darlyn - Book One should encompass Chapters 1 through 22.

    @Allie - I finished Book 1! Now, I'm trying to decide if I should just keep reading on through, and maybe finish early, or read a short/easy book between now and Tuesday, so I can keep pace with the read-along. I don't want to read just one book in February, so maybe that's what I'll do. Hmmm.