Friday, February 18, 2011

The Outta the Rut Readathon and Plans.

On Tuesday night, I wrote a post about the unofficial read-a-thon I'm doing this weekend. Like I said on Tuesday, I am doing it mainly to get myself back on track with my reading. I am also going to be hounding Christina over at Reading Thru the Night, since she is also in a rut. :) We kind of talked this idea out the other night on Twitter, and she gets all the credit for the fun name. I am not that creative.

Anyway, I got a lot of great response and it looks like there are a few of you who will also be joining in. Remember, this is just for fun and it is to force me into some reading! I'll be posting a couple times each day with updates. Make sure that if you joining in you keep me updated on your progress! And if you need a good kick in the pants, I'll try and help. You can also find me on Twitter (@alliedanielson) if you want to chit-chat that day.

I decided I need to make some set plans and goals to keep myself motivated. Here is what I am thinking:
  • Reading at least 6-8 hours/day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I think this is a good minimum to hit and means that at a minimum, I will be reading for at least 18 hours this weekend. That is way more than normal.
  • Post two updates/day.
  • Check in with the other participants once/day (see? You need to make sure you're updating so I can bug ya.)
I think those are good guidelines that while slightly challenging, are easily attainable.

As for reading goals, there is a lot I want to read, but I know that I can't set myself up for failure. I need to be realistic. So again, here is what I am thinking I want to read:
  • the third volume of Oliver Twist (140 pages)
  • 100 pages of War and Peace
  • Ulysses (I have a few more chapters to read for this week's post)
  • Across the Universe by Beth Revis (I just really want to read this. Like whoa. Since it is YA, I should fly through this in no time).
  • I also want to start either Siddhartha or Portrait of a Lady for the TBR Challenge I am participating in
If I am as productive as I hope to be, I should be able to conquer more than this. I have my eye on another Shakespeare play for my Shakespeare challenge. I guess we'll see how inspired I get.

So, how about you? If you're going to join in, what are your plans?


  1. I admit I find long periods of reading much easier with modern fiction than classics! Good luck and have fun. :)

  2. Oh Allie you must read Siddhartha! I love Hesse.

  3. Fantastic idea! I wish I had time to participate!

  4. Oooh goodluck.

    Maybe I'll read some this weekend too. I REALLY want to finish the last 2 books of Hunger Games. I haven't even STARTED book 2 yet but I finished book 1 a week ago.

    I'll keep you updated. ;)

  5. I want to finish the book i'm reading now, the household guide to dying by debra adelaide, and also read the last half of Kipling's The man who would be king. And also, if I get time, I want to start The Age of Innocence, as i've been very excited about it for a while!

  6. I plan to read some this weekend, but I can't officially participate. I have school and work all day Monday, for one thing.

    Have fun!! I long for a readathon, so I wish I could take part. :-)

  7. Since I have toddler to take care of, I can't read for that many hours a day anymore. But this week I have neglected housework in order to read more, and I plan on keeping it up over the weekend. Happy reading!

  8. I have tomorrow off, so I will be joining in the reading fun. I work from 8:30am to 10:15pm Sunday, but I should get a few hours of reading in throughout the day and Monday I just work a few hours. I plan to finish The Girl Who Played With Fire, Queen of the Dead, Rosebush and Uninvited. I might try to re-read The Handmaid's Tale before my upcoming book club meeting, even though I recently finished it. I feel that it has so many layers. And I really, really need to catch up on review writing!

  9. OK, I've decided, I'm in! After all, if I can't find time to read when I'm unemployed, when will I...? I probably won't participate Monday, as I do have studying to do, though. I'll try to get up a post here in a bit with tentative plans. (And yes, I may need some bugging to stay on track!)

  10. Man I wish I could join you. I'm in desperate need of a readathon. Unfortunately my trip to Vegas left me with an obscene quantity of grading to do. :) Silly work. Such a pain.