Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up for February 27, 2011: More New Books, Persephone Weekend, and New Things!

After having Monday and Tuesday off of school, I felt like the rest of the week dragged forward. But it is already another Sunday and I have lots of bookish bits to discuss with you! Aren't you excited?

One of the first exciting bits is that I acquired more books this week. Let me assure you that I "bought" them before my book buying ban (I should clarify that my husband demanded this ban after my recent splurges). If you remember back a month and a half ago, I mentioned I was doing a "Game On! Diet" challenge with a few other bloggers. Well, my team won so we each got $30 to spend at I agonized over what to get, but when I saw there was a great deal on some Shakespeare titles, I caved. Here is what I ended up with:

From top to bottom-
  • All's Well that Ends Well by Shakespeare: I read this one back in my college Shakespeare class, but it has been awhile, so I barely remember the plot!
  • Coriolanus by Shakespeare: This is a little known play that I know nothing about. I will probably read this one a little later-I'm sure it will be more challenging.
  • Love's Labor's Lost by Shakespeare: This is another title I read in my college Shakespeare class, and I remember really loving it when we read it.
  • Measure for Measure by Shakespeare: I know the basics of this one, but haven't given it a chance yet!
  • Troilus and Cressida by Shakespeare: I know absolutely nothing about this title, but like the others, I know I will eventually get to it!
  • The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy: This was the only Hardy title on my project list that I hadn't found a copy of in my searches. So glad I found this lovely Oxford edition.
Good haul? I think so. I am going to be making it a future project to read all of Shakespeare's works, so this is a great start to getting some of the lesser-known titles on my shelf.

In addition, the lovely Rebecca at Rebecca Reads was taking part in that big literary giveaway last weekend, and I won a copy of My Antonia by Willa Cather! I can't wait for that beauty to be sitting on my shelves as well. :)

This weekend I am participating in Persephone Reading Weekend. Unfortunately I was hit with a super nasty migraine yesterday that sent me to bed for a few hours, so I still need to finish my book today and post my review. I'm reading Mariana by Monica Dickens. It is a wonderful read!

However, the most exciting thing to happen all week was what I am currently typing on. My husband bought me a new laptop! Yay! My old laptop was nearing seven years of hard use and was certainly showing it. It would freeze randomly, refuse to open files, and be all-around obnoxious. So the hubby bought me a lovely HP and I am so excited to be typing on something that isn't on the verge of having a meltdown any second.

I'm still getting used to the feel of the new keyboard, but I am loving my new buddy. :)

One of the best parts of this new computer is that I now have a webcam and the ability to do vlogs! I'm not sure how or when, but I've always wanted to!

The only other bit of news is that I finally went and got my hair done yesterday. The last time my hair was cut was LAST Memorial Day, so it was in some serious need. It was also super long (almost to my butt), so it needed to be chopped. I still wanted to have it on the longer side because I look better with long hair, but I also wanted to donate it. I ended up chopping 10 inches (that was scary when she showed me how much she chopped), but my hair is still below my shoulders. I also dyed it pretty dark with a touch of red. It is taking some getting used to. My ponytail is so short and I am used to it hanging all the way down my back! I am sure that in a few days I'll get used to the drastic change!

Anyway, this week lots of exciting things are happening. Tomorrow you'll see the ending posts for War and Peace and Oliver Twist! I'm glad to be knocking two more titles off my list. I'm also in the middle of Candide, which I hope to finish either tonight or tomorrow. I'm still kind of stuck on what to read next. As always, suggestions are welcome. I do know that I'll be starting the readalong books sometime this week, and posting the polls for the next three months (hard to imagine it is March already!).

I hope you all had a great reading week and have another!


  1. It makes me so happy any time I see anyone get their hands on Return of the Native! I love that book so much. :D

    Yay for a new laptop and possible vlogs!!

  2. Oooh, new books AND laptop?! You sure had a good week! Your new haircut sounds nice too!

  3. Wow, your Shakespeare books are intensely huge! I just have one giant collection of them, but I think that's enough for me! hehe

  4. Hooray for new books, new hair and a new computer!

  5. Great haul and yay for the new laptop!

  6. Ooh, I love the Folger editions. At the back of the books are "modern interpretations" or some similar title as well as annotated suggestions for further readings. These invariable spark my thinking in wholly new directions. Very nice.

    If you ever find yourself in DC, check out a Folger production on their intimate little stage. Right now they are doing Comedy of Errors and it is one of the best Shakespeare productions I've seen in a long time. Very kid friendly, too.

  7. Yay for us winning the game! It was nice to buy books sort of guilt free. :)

  8. I chopped my hair off this week too! I got seven inches cut off which is a big change for me. I'm going to read Love's Labor's Lost in one of my classes this semester.

  9. So many pretty books! I absolutely love the Folger editions of Shakespeare's plays. They're about the only way I can stand to read Shakespeare. I just downloaded that particular Hardy's novel to my iPad the other day. Planning on reading it over spring break. And yay for a new laptop!

  10. Oh, I love that Shakespeare haul! I might, too, be up for reading his (one day.)

    Your hair sounds lovely, and I'm SO jealous of the laptop. Congrats! :-)

  11. That's supposed to say 'be up for reading his complete works.'

    You see why I'm jealous of your laptop? :P

  12. yeay for the new books, new laptop, etc. And pictures please of your what-must-be-beautiful hair! I donated 10 inches to locks of love a few years ago. but my hair never was THAT long!!

  13. I agree, a good haul! Those are all Shakespeare titles I'm not familiar with. A project to read all of his plays sounds like a good idea. And yay for new laptops! I just got one too (I needed a computer powerful enough to run the new software I need to learn) and am having way to much fun with it! Hope you have a good reading week.

  14. Good for you for donating! I still have a ponytail I need to wrap up and send off. lol

    Great haul! the books look fantastic, and I need to devote more time to Shakespeare. I've read the standards: Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Othello, Hamlet, and most of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The others: clueless!

    I feel some readalongs coming on. hehe