Saturday, February 26, 2011

Persephone Reading Weekend and Mariana by Monica Dickens.

In case you haven't heard the buzz, this weekend is the Persephone Reading Weekend. Persephone books is a small UK based publisher that focuses on publishing out-of-print titles, little known women authors, and all kinds of delights from the 20th century.

You can find more information about the books they publish and all that good stuff at their website.

This is the very first time I read a Persephone title and I am extremely excited about. Reading through the books they have published, there are a great deal that I would absolutely love to get my hands on. The best part is that many of these titles are considered classics, so while I am again straying from my project list, I don't feel quite so guilty about it like I did last weekend.

I found my very first Persephone title a few months ago when I was scanning the shelves in the used section of my local bookstore. As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was a Persephone and I snatched it up. Sure enough, it was one of the paperback editions of one of their titles. It had a used price sticker on it, but it looked like whoever owned it before had never even opened it. It was a great steal, so I snatched it up and brought it home with me.

I am so glad that I did. The title I own is Mariana by Monica Dickens. She is the great-granddaughter of my arch-nemesis, Mr. Charles. And while I am not finished read this great little book, I am in love with it. I love her writing and the ease of the words across the page.

The plan for today is to finish the title, so I can gush here with all of you who have already read this one.

And, for those of you unfamiliar with this whole project, you need to and see all the goods things happening. Here is where you can find more information about what is going on this weekend: Paperback Reader and CardiganGirlVerity.

I'm going to go read. :)


  1. Thank you for joining us for Persephone Reading Week, Allie. I hope you enjoy the event.

    Mariana was such a find in your local bookstore. I love Charles Dickens and look forward to read his great-granddaughter's work.

  2. Hi! I found your site over on the Persephone Reading Weekend blogs.
    What a lucky find! I love the cover of that book - such vibrant colours - and I love the end-papers too.
    I have yet to read her so I look forward to your review :-)

  3. You know, I still haven't read a Persephone book even though they are quite popular with all of the bloggers. (And I'm a little envious that you stumbled upon one, lol. I'll have to keep a better eye out when I go to used bookstores!)

  4. What a great find! I found Mariana just about a year ago at an amazing independent bookstore in Austin, TX called BookPeople. It has an entire classics section and I found it there while I was looking for books by your nemesis Charles Dickens. I hope you love it as much as I did.

  5. Thanks for sharing the website link. I might have to take part in this Persophone event, one day. I keep trying to stick to my list, but I am curious about the Persophones, having heard so much, and am, of course, interested in supporting women authors...

    You found an interesting author! Curious to hear your thoughts, when you finish. :-)

  6. I've never read a Persephone!!! Ack!

  7. What a great one to start with too! Lovely when you have a serendipitous find like that! Mariana and The Winds of Heaven by Monica Dickens are two of my favourite Persephones.

  8. I loved this book, too! I've also got The Winds of Heaven on my bookshelf, begging to be read...

  9. I didn't join the Persephone reading week because I had no clue what it was... but it looks like something I need to do in the future! I've heard good things about Mariana from two people now.

    Also, I love that Mr. Charles is your arch-nemesis because he is mine too. Although we are getting along a little better these days.